Where To Store Jeep Hardtop? (Solved)

What is the best way to store a hard top on a Jeep?

  • Keeping Your Jeep’s Hard Top Safe. Some techniques are capable of doing both the lifting and storage of a hard top at the same time. The following are the most often encountered methods of storing a hardtop: 1. Hoisting the cart. Hoists are mechanical devices that lift and lower objects with the use of a rope or chain that is coiled around a lift wheel.

Can you store a Jeep hardtop on its side?

If it is allowed to sit on its side for an extended period of time, it will bend. The best option is to lay it down as if it were going to sit on the vehicle.

How do I store my Jeep doors?

Create a strategy for storing your belongings.

  1. Create a strategy for storing items.

Can you store a Jeep hardtop upside down?

Registered. There is no greater strain on them than there would be if they were in the Jeep. Personally, I would not keep mine upside down, but to each his or her own preference. I actually built a cart with wheels to put mine up on the end, which saves me some room and allows me to roll it out of the way if necessary, saving even more space.

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How do you store a jeep hardtop without a garage?

You could purchase or construct a storage cart that will allow you to stand it on its end without damaging the glass, and with casters on the bottom, you could easily wheel it in and out of the apartment as needed.

Will a jeep hardtop fit through a door?

Member at the highest level. No, it will not fit; however, you may get other 1/2 door tops that will work; the YJ hard tops had full doors.

Can you stand on a Jeep Wrangler hardtop?

There have been stories of Jeep owners loading their vehicles with weight on the top that surpasses 200 pounds. This is not safe and should be avoided because the roof design was not intended to support a load, but rather to shield you from the weather in the first place.

Which side of Jeep top goes on first?

The passenger side must be installed first and removed last.

How long does it take to put a hardtop on a Jeep?

The installation process takes roughly two hours and need the assistance of a second person to ensure that the top is properly placed.

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