What Size Tires Are On A Jeep Liberty?

Table of Tire and Lift Dimensions

Tire Diameter Tire Width Tire Size
29.3″ 8.9″ 225/75R16*
29″ 9.3″ 235/70R16*
30.3″ 8.8″ 225/75R17
29.5″ 9.7″ 245/70R16


What size tires go on a 2005 Jeep Liberty?

Size in Simplified Form: 225-75-16 Your Jeep Liberty’s original tire size is P225/75R16 104S, which corresponds to the manufacturer’s specification.

What size tires are on a 2012 Jeep Liberty?

P225/75R16 104S P225/75R16 104S It is recommended that you replace the tires on your 2012 Jeep Liberty with P225/75R16 104S.

What size tires go on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

The maximum tire size that may be accommodated by the 2002 Jeep Liberty is 245 70R16.

Will 245 75R16 fit on Jeep Liberty?

When utilized with a 2 1/2″ elevation, the 245/75R16 (30″x9. 7″) tire is the most often seen size; this size requires the least amount of cutting. The biggest authorized tire size is 265/75R16; however, this size sometimes necessitates reducing the plastic wheel well insert and flattening the pinch weld on the 1st generation libertys with smaller lifts in order to accommodate the tire.

What size tires does a 2008 Jeep Liberty have?

Size in Simplified Form: 235-70-16 The original tire size for your 2008 Jeep Liberty is P235/70R16 104S. You may find this tire size on other Jeep Liberty models.

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What tire sizes mean?

The aspect ratio is the two-digit figure that appears after the slash mark in a tire size. A tire with a size P215/65 R15 designation, for example, has a 65 designation, which indicates that the height is equal to 65 percent of the tire’s width. The sidewall of the tire will be proportionately larger to the aspect ratio of the tire.

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