What Is The Biggest Tire Size For My Jeep Wrangler? (Correct answer)

The biggest tire that can be installed on a factory Jeep Wrangler without having to raise the vehicle is typically 33 inches in diameter. Although a 33-inch tire may be enough for off-roading, bear in mind that depending on the Wrangler model, a 33-inch tire may not perform well and may even cause damage to your vehicle.
When it comes to tires for my Jeep Wrangler, what size should I use?

  • For a factory Jeep Wrangler JK, the maximum tire diameter that would fit is a 33″. On the street, you should have no difficulties with this diameter tire, but off-road, there will be flex, which might cause the tires to collide with your fenders and perhaps shatter them.


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What size tires fit my Jeep Wrangler?

Tire sizes for Jeep Wranglers are as follows: 245/75R17, 285/70R17, and 255/70R18.

Will 35 inch tires fit on a Jeep Wrangler?

As it turns out, a Jeep Wrangler JL is completely capable of towing 35-inch tires without difficulty. Unfortunately, even with the wider tires, the larger wheel wells on the factory suspension are still somewhat tight.

How big of tires can I fit on my Jeep Wrangler JL?

The JL Sport and Sahara models may be equipped with 37-inch tires with the use of elevated aftermarket fender flares and a 2- to 3-inch lift with the proper bump stops, but the JL Sport and Sahara versions cannot. The smaller Dana 30 front axle component in these Jeeps, which is not a Rubicon, might provide a difficulty when used with 37-inch tires for off-roading.

What size tires can I put on my jeep without a lift?

If you have the proper wheels and tires, you can install a 35-inch tire on a Jeep Wrangler JK without having to elevate the vehicle.

Can I put bigger tires on my Jeep Wrangler?

In order to accommodate a 33-inch diameter tire on a Jeep Wrangler with stock suspension, the vehicle must have a longer wheelbase. The following are the most often seen 33-inch tire sizes: 285/75/16.

Can I put bigger tires on my Jeep?

Yes, it is capable of supporting the additional weight, but at a cost. First and foremost, you’ll notice a slight sluggishness in the capacity of your Jeep to accelerate. It can now turn since it has more mass. Increasing the size of your tires effectively decreases your gear ratio, which in turn reduces your crawl ratio and depletes the power of your Jeep.

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Can I put 35 inch tires on my Jeep without a lift?

In a technical sense, absolutely. Put 35-inch tires on a basic Jeep Wrangler JK and drive around town with no problems, that is correct. The downside is that it will irritate your skin if you decide to hit the trail.

Is 2 inch lift enough for 35 inch tires?

Fitting 35-inch tires on a 2-inch raise is achievable for vehicles with a solid front axle suspension, such as the Jeep Wrangler or the Nissan Patrol. However, you should increase the length of your pauses by the same amount as your lift.

What size lift do I need for 35 inch tires on a Jeep Wrangler?

Member who is well-known. It’s my understanding that, when using our lift systems, we typically suggest 2.5″ of lift on a Sport/Sahara model JL in order to avoid rubbing concerns on the control arms or fenders when fitting 35″ tires. Rubicon versions can accommodate vehicles up to 37 inches in height with a 2.5-inch raise.

Will a 35 inch tire fit on the back of my Jeep JL?

35-inch wheels will not fit on the rear of a sports vehicle. It will unquestionably cause the bottom of the tire to scrape against the bumper.

Can I put 33 on stock Jeep JL?

On your factory wheels, you can mount most 33-inch tires (275 or 285 mm wide) without the tires rubbing.

Can you put bigger tires on stock Jeep wheels?

Member who is well-known. Certainly, the number of items in stock is not set in stone. Anything with a width of 285 or 295 can fit on a 7.5-inch wide wheel with no modifications. If you want your wheels to be wider, an aftermarket wheel is advised.

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Can I put 33 inch tires on my Jeep without a lift?

The Jeep Wrangler rides on 33-inch tires with no lift. It is recommended to use slightly wider aftermarket rims if at all feasible to aid with backspacing, especially if the vehicle has a somewhat more negative offset. If you’re only interested in the huge tire upgrade for looks and the occasional trip on dirt roads, 33-inch tires can fit on a factory suspension with no modifications.

How much does it cost to get a Jeep lifted?

According to the typical price of a Jeep lift kit, you may expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. High-quality suspension systems that provide outstanding ground clearance as well as an aggressive appearance may even be at the top of the price spectrum for lifting.

Is it worth lifting a Jeep?

Lifting a Jeep essentially increases the conventional off-road capabilities of a Jeep Wrangler by a factor of two, providing you with more power to handle off-road terrain and greater crawl ability on even the most difficult terrain. When it comes to getting additional off-road capabilities in and around Memphis, raising your Jeep is a terrific option to consider.

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