What Is A Slide Hammer? (Best solution)

  • A slide hammer is a hammer that has a long circular shaft on which a hammer weight may be moved around. It is possible to employ the force generated by rapidly pushing the weight toward the end of the shaft to pull out dents in auto body repair work, as well as to loosen or pull off tight pieces.

What are slide hammers used for?

Slide hammers may be attached to a variety of items using a variety of methods, including screw threads, hooks, and other methods. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, slide hammers are often used to retrieve dents, remove bearings or other parts, and when an object has to be struck from an inaccessible side.

What is a slide hammer puller set?

When it comes to puller applications, the GEARWRENCH 10-way slide hammer puller set is a flexible collection of tools that can handle a broad range of tasks. The material may be used to make flange type axles, oil seals, and a variety of other press fit components. The set comprises two 2-way and three 3-way yokes that may be configured for internal or external pulling, respectively.

What are slide hammers made of?

On one end of the rod, there is a changeable hook or screw-tip, and on the other, there is a handle with a steel ring welted to the rod at the handle end. A slide hammer may be used to drive nails into wood, metal, or plastic.

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How do you remove a wheel bearing without a slide hammer?

How to remove bearing from shaft without the use of a puller is explained in detail in the following steps.

  1. Use the parking brake to keep the car in park. To elevate your vehicle, you should need a car jack. Jack stands should be placed beneath your car. Remove the tires from the vehicle. Remove the brake pads from the caliper by unscrewing the bolts that hold it in place. Remove the disk rotor from the vehicle.

What is a hub puller?

When removing a wheel hub from an axle, the wheel hub puller is a collection of tools that must be used carefully to avoid injuring the hub. It is made up of many parts, including a yoke or adaptor, a pressure screw, a sliding hammer, and lug nuts.

How long is a slide hammer?

24″ in length.

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