Maplestory How To Use Transfer Hammer? (Correct answer)

Use the Transfer Hammer by selecting it from the inventory screen by clicking on the blue hammer button at the bottom of the screen.

How do you use Todd’s hammer?

Todd’s Hammer is a mechanism that allows you to transfer some upgrades from lower-level things to higher-level goods using a special tool. Todd’s Hammer may be accessed by clicking on the blue hammer symbol located at the bottom of your inventory screen.

Can you transfer Hammer overall to top?

In the case of the Overall category, it is possible to shift it to the Top / Bottom category and vice versa. Only equipment items that are qualified for Todd’s Hammer transfer will be displayed in the Extracting Target UI (user interface).

Does transfer hammer transfer flames?

Unless you have the ability to Transfer Hammer it since the flames can transfer. Only items with a level differential of less than ten and at least one Starforce can be transferred between characters.

How do you transfer items in MapleStory reboot?

Simply follow these easy steps to complete the process:

  1. Enter the Cashier’s Office. Move the item into your Cash Inventory if it is an eligible item that you would like to transfer to a different character. Right-click the item to select it. To transfer funds, click on the ‘TRANSFER’ button. Choose the person who will receive the item from the drop-down menu. To proceed, press the ‘OK’ button.
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Do flames transfer MapleStory?

In order to better understand the Additional Option Transfer Scroll and how it will be delivered, Nexon has published further information. This item allows you to transfer the additional options (flames) from one item to another of the same item, but only those who match specified conditions will be able to do so, according to the description. Hello. This is MapleStory, by the way.

Is Von Leon set good?

When it comes to mid-game sets, the Von Leon set is the greatest that can be obtained without the assistance of other characters that are substantially more powerful than you.

What does Golden Hammer Do MapleStory?

The Von Leon set is the finest mid-game set that can be obtained easily on one’s own, that is, without the assistance of other, substantially better characters.

What is a blunt weapon MapleStory?

Two-Handed Blunt Weapons are a type of weapon in MapleStory that can be used with both hands. These weapons are primary weapons for specific Warrior-type classes despite the fact that they may be employed in unexpected ways by certain classes. It is possible for Paladins to make use of these items (choice of One-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed Blunt Weapon, or Two-Handed Blunt Weapon).

How do I get Starforce?

How to make use of the Star Force augmentation

  1. In the bottom right corner of the Item Inventory window, click the Equipment Enchant button to enchant an item. The equipment should be dragged into the Equipment Enchant window. Detailed information on the upcoming Star Force upgrade is displayed, including the stats that will be added, the likelihood of success, and the meso cost.
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How do you transfer destroyed weapons in Maplestory M?

How to Make a Transfer

  1. The stats of destroyed weapons and armor can be transferred to other items of the same kind and rank. STEP 1: Choose the weapon or armor that has been destroyed and that you wish to transfer. STEP 2: Choose a weapon or armor of the same kind and rank as the weapon or armor that will be transferred.

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