How To Store Jeep Soft Top Windows? (Solution)

What is a Jeep soft top, and how does it work?

  • Soft tops are the most prevalent type of top for Jeeps. Soft tops, as opposed to Jeep hard tops, are less costly and easier to operate. They have been carefully developed to be simple to put on and take off. A Jeep Soft Top is regarded to be a must-have accessory for Jeep owners, and they are in great demand.

Can you roll up Jeep soft top windows?

Rolling them up is acceptable, but you must first place a towel on top of them before rolling them up in the towel. If you just roll them up, the isinglass (soft top windows) rubbing against each other will scratch them, and if you have any grit on the road, the scratching will be even worse. As a result, bundle them up in a towel and place them in the bag.

How do I store my Jeep JL windows?

They fit nicely in it (no more folding them up with a blanket to keep them from creasing), and it can be stowed vertically against the back of the rear seats to ensure that you don’t lose access to the storage space for anything you want to keep there.

Can you roll Jeep windows?

Yes, you may use the key fob to roll down the Jeep’s windows. Holding the door unlock button on the key fob for a few seconds can cause the windows to roll down in your Jeep.

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How do you transport a Jeep soft top?

Member at the highest level. It may be necessary to remove the fabric from the soft top frame and roll it up with the windows inside (putting towels between the panes and between the bottom window and the fabric) in order to save space. Then wrap the bows that were still attached to the sport bar uprights with the material.

How do you store Bestop?

There is a window storage bag made by Bestop that you may use to store them. It is intended to be used for flat storage rather than rolled storage. It is equipped with straps that allow you to suspend it vertically behind the rear seats.

Does the Bestop Trektop NX fold down?

It does not have a fold-down feature. It must be unzipped and removed from the computer. You may remove the sides of the bikini top while leaving the top on. Only the back glass can be removed, and the rear door may be opened.

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