How To Replace Ignition Coil Jeep Grand Cherokee?

  • Turn off your Jeep Grand Cherokee and let the engine to cool down to avoid any burn injuries from occurring. Taking the ignition coil out of cylinder 3 and swapping it with another cylinder, such as cylinder 2, will result in better performance. Caution: Do not replace the spark plug wires/connectors
  • only the ignition coils should be switched.

Can I replace ignition coil myself?

During normal operation, the ignition coils in your engine generate an electrical current that is carried to the spark plug by your ignition cables (spark plug wires). The replacement of a faulty coil may be completed in a matter of hours using ordinary hand tools.

How many coils does a Jeep Grand Cherokee have?

A bad ignition coil in the coil pack will need the replacement of the complete unit, which is why you must replace the entire unit if one of the ignition coils is faulty. You may check the electrical resistance of the coil pack in your Jeep Grand Cherokee by using an ohmmeter to measure the resistance of the coil pack.

Is it hard to replace ignition coil?

The replacement of an ignition coil on some vehicles’ engines can be a difficult task. Check the Repair Guide for your car and engine to see what has to be done. Once the ignition coils have been discovered and made accessible, carefully detach the electrical plastic pigtail connector so that it does not become damaged during the process.

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Should I replace all ignition coils at once?

It is not possible to fix a damaged ignition coil; instead, it must be replaced. In situations like these, your mechanic may propose that you replace all three rear ignition coils as a precautionary step to avoid further problems. When one of the ignition coils dies, it is also advised that all of the spark plugs be changed, especially if they have not been serviced in a long time.

Where is the ignition coil on a Jeep Cherokee?

No matter how hard you try, a defective ignition coil will never work again. Your mechanic may propose that you have all three rear ignition coils replaced as a precautionary step in such circumstances, as described above. Once an ignition coil dies, it is advised that all spark plugs be replaced, especially if they have not been changed in a long time.

How do you check the coil pack on a Jeep Cherokee?

Apply pressure on the left ohmmeter lead against the center prong of the electrical connector on the rear of the coil pack to measure resistance. Press the other lead against the spark plug boots one at a time, starting with the first. The ohmmeter’s resistance should be less than 2 ohms. If the resistance reading on the ohmmeter is more than 2 ohms, the coil pack should be replaced.

Where is the coil pack?

The coil pack is a collection of coils that have been integrated (molded) into a single unit. It is installed in the same manner as the COP system: directly onto the spark plugs. Coil packs are situated right on top of the engine cam cover, on the left side of the engine. Coil packs were costly, and if even a single coil failed, the entire pack had to be changed.

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