How To Remove Fan Clutch On 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee? (Question)

  • The clutch, which is attached to the back of the fan via a bolt, should be found. By using a wrench to spin them in a counterclockwise direction, you may remove the four clutch mounting nuts located on the rear of the clutch. To do this, remove the fan and clutch assembly from within the engine compartment.

How do you test a clutch fan XJ?

Test the fan clutch by heating the engine to working temperature, turning it off, then spinning the fan as hard as you can; if the fan can turn one complete circle or more, it is time to replace the clutch.

Where is the fan relay on a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

On the 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the PDC (power distribution center) is located beneath the hood on the passenger side and has two fan relays (one for high speed and one for low speed). An engine that runs hot or overheats is one of the first symptoms that might be related with a defective or malfunctioning cooling fan relay.

How do you put a fan clutch back on?

Instructions on How to Replace a Fan Clutch, Step by Step

  1. Check for problems with the fan clutch. For starters, it’s important to be certain that the problem is caused by the fan clutch. Removing the Fan Clutch and removing the Fan. Installing the Fan Clutch and reinstalling the Fan.
  2. Removing the Shroud and the Hose.
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How do I know if my clutch fan is bad on my Jeep?

To establish the diagnosis, begin with this straightforward procedure: On an engine that hasn’t been started yet that day, crank the fan as hard as you possibly can. Any time the fan revolves more than five times, you may be certain that the clutch is faulty. According on the temperature of the room, you should feel some resistance, and the fan may spin up to three times more than once.

What is a fan clutch wrench?

Fan Clutch Spanner Wrench; For General Motors, Jeep, and Dodge trucks, vans, and SUVs with water pump pulleys that are pressed in. The holes in the pressed-on water pump pulleys are perfectly sized for the double-ended spanner wrench. To spin the fan clutch nut, use an open end wrench that is sufficient for the job (41740 36mm turning wrench works on many applications).

What is a fan clutch tool?

When it comes to removing the cooling fan and clutch from the front of an engine, a fan clutch pulley tool is quite useful to have on hand. Because of the rotating arm, these tools can be difficult to use at first, but as you understand how to use them, their purpose begins to make more sense.

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