How To Measure Jeep Lift? (Solved)

  • The quickest and most accurate approach to determine lift height is to take a hub-to-fender measurement. Measure the length of the fender from the center of the hub (or wheel) in a straight vertical line to the bottom of the fender using a tape measure (assuming stock, uncut fenders and the vehicle is parked on a level surface). The specifications shown below are for a factory hub to fender configuration.

How do I know what size lift is on my Jeep?

It is necessary to obtain this measurement when the car is on the ground. The amount of lift you have will be determined by measuring your spring and subtracting anything over 9 3/8″. For example, if you measure your front spring and the result is 13 3/8″, this indicates that you have a 4″ lift in your vehicle.

How do you measure a lift kit on a Jeep Wrangler?

It is recommended that you have someone with a stock Jeep Wrangler of the same model as yours measure from top of the WHEEL (not the tire – this removes tire size from the calculation) to the lip of the fender. Then you take your own measurements. Your lift makes all the difference. Your wheels must be the same size (tire size does not matter) and you must be standing on flat ground.

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How do I tell what size lift I have?

Look at the lower control arms’ front crossmembers, which are located in the front of the vehicle. The distance between a lower control arm bolt and the OEM control arm mounting hole above it has to be determined. The size of the block should be determined if your kit employs blocks in the rear instead of leaf springs. Most lift kits will have a rear lift of 2-3 inches less than the front lift.

How do I identify a lift kit?

In order to determine what size lift kit you have, you must first determine whether or not you can locate the brand name and serial number. If you are unable to do so, check up the vehicle’s original shock length and compare it to the length of your present shocks. Remove the shocks from the vehicle in order to get a more accurate reading, or at the very least remove all of the load.

What lift kit is best for a Jeep?

Overall, the MotoFab Lifts 3″ Full Lift Kit is our top selection for the best Jeep lift kit on the market. This bolt-on kit has the highest clearance of all of our recommendations, and it is designed to accommodate a variety of Jeep Wrangler models. The shock extenders allow your Jeep to pass over tires that are 35 inches in diameter.

Should I lift my Jeep Wrangler?

What Is the Point of Lifting My Jeep? It is recommended that you raise your Jeep if you want to perform any real off-roading. This will allow you to gain more ground clearance, enhance suspension travel, and be able to install wider tires that are more suited for off-roading. People also like to raise their Jeep Wranglers because it makes the vehicle appear more attractive.

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How tall is a truck with a 4 inch lift?

4 “BDS on 33.5″ 84-85″ at the rear of the truck. Taking measurements from the center-line of the wheels, ground to the bottom edge of the fender, 42.75″ in the front and 43” in the rear, the 35s add half an inch to an inch “at the back of the room

How do I measure my ride height?

Answer: The distance between the base of your tire where it makes contact with the ground and the underbelly of your car is known as ride height.

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