How To Get The Hammer In Link To The Past? (Best solution)

A break in the wall on the right side of the room, just north of the little key treasure chest, may be found. Place a bomb in the hole and blow it open. Keep on until you reach the large treasure box, where you will find the dungeon item, the Magic Hammer.

  • There is a fissure in the wall on the right side of the room, just north of the little key treasure chest. Blow the hole open using a bomb placed in it. Keep on until you reach the large treasure box, where you will find the dungeon item known as the Magic Hammer.

Where do you get the hammer in Zelda?

In The Adventure of Link, the Hammer may be found in the Death Mountain region of western Hyrule, near the town of Death Mountain.

Where is the hammer in Zelda 2?

Death Mountain is a mountain range that is just south of the town of Saria. After successfully crossing the mountainous maze and reaching Spectacle Rock on the opposite side of the mountain, Link is able to collect the Hammer of Destiny.

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Where is the Dark Palace in Link to the Past?

Unlike the Temple of Darkness in Four Swords Adventures or the Dark Palace in A Link Between Worlds, this is not the same place. Palace of Darkness, also known as Dark Palace and Level 1, is the first Dungeon in the Dark World in A Link to the Past. It is located in the city of Hyrule. It may be found in Hyrule near where the Eastern Palace is located.

How do you get to the Palace of Darkness?

The dungeon may be reached by passing via one of the two portals located west or south of the Eastern Palace. You’ll have to get past the Palace guards in order to get into the Dark Palace proper. They are unable to be killed, and they will arrest you and put you in jail on the spot.

Where’s the flute in A Link to the Past?

A forest area in the Light World, southeast of Kakariko Village, was the location of this discovery. The changed Flute Player will offer you his Shovel in the equivalent clearing in the Dark World, and he will ask you to find his Flute in the Dark World.

How do I get to Death Mountain in Zelda 2?

If Link manages to track down Bagu in the jungle, he can take his message to the River Man, who can be found in the Water Town of Saria. He will then build an extension to the bridge, allowing Link to escape the town by the second exit, which will emerge on the south side of the river this time. From here, Link may proceed southwards until he reaches Death Mountain.

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Where are the 7 Magic containers Zelda 2?

Locations of Magic Containers

  • Western Hyrule may be discovered in a cave just south of the North Castle.
  • Western Hyrule can be located in a hidden cave accessible by smashing Spectacle Rock with the Hammer.
  • Western Hyrule can be found in a cave just south of the North Castle.
  • Eastern Hyrule may be discovered on Maze Island in a hidden grotto.
  • Eastern Hyrule can be located in the Hidden Town of Kasuto.

How do you get the trophy in Zelda 2?

Link must rescue the trophy from a cave in the Tantari Desert, which is plagued with Octoroks, in order to complete the mission. The trophy is guarded by the Goriya at the conclusion of the game, and after the young hero returns it to the woman in town, she will enable him to see her uncle, who will teach him how to use the Jump spell.

What can you throw in the Waterfall of Wishing?

The Mysterious Pond of the Waterfall of Wishing has the Waterfall of Wishing Fairy, which may be located within it. Link has the ability to hurl an object into the pond, which will call forth the Fairy.

How do you get to the third dungeon in the Dark World?

Go to the Lost Woods in the Light World and go all the way west, then south, until you reach your destination. You’ll come out of the trees alongside several wooden posts, which will indicate your location. Using your Hammer, pound the stakes into the ground, and then pick up the little green rock on the opposite side to reveal a warp back to the Dark World.

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