How Many Mpg Does A 2004 Jeep Liberty Get? (Perfect answer)

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2004 Jeep Liberty/Cherokee 4WD
EPA MPG Regular Gasoline 17 combined city/highway MPG 15 city 19 highway 5.9 gals/100 miles
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EPA Size Class Sport Utility Vehicle – 4WD


Is a 2004 Jeep Liberty good on gas?

The best little SUV The fuel efficiency is normal for a thirsty 3.7 liter V6 engine, but the 4×4 handles exceptionally well in poor road conditions.

Do Jeep Libertys get good gas mileage?

Jeep has been producing Liberty 4WD variants for the past six years. They get an average of 17.0 combined miles per gallon, with the most recent 2012 Liberty 4WD getting an above-average 17 combined miles per gallon. According to the normal estimate of 15,000 kilometers travelled, the Liberty 4WD consumes around 19 barrels of petroleum per year.

Is a 2004 Jeep Liberty a good car?

Wonderful car, excellent on the highway or in the city, with a pleasant low-end engine sounds and a throaty growl at the top of the rev range. A short wheelbase is advantageous. Unless one or more of the participants is a young child, 5 individuals is a tight fit. When not driven very aggressively, this car is a blast to drive in the city; it turns nicely and is ideal for blasting through backstreets.

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How many miles can a 2004 Jeep Liberty last?

The Jeep Liberty has a useful life of more than 200,000 kilometers. There are a number of elements that will boost the chance of your Liberty’s survival. Check to see if any recall concerns pertaining to your model year have been handled and resolved.

What’s wrong with the 2004 Jeep Liberty?

There are a number of additional issues with the 2004 Jeep Liberty as well. Failure of the oxygen sensor, burned valve cover gaskets, hydraulic lift support, lower coolant hose, and a malfunctioning air conditioning system are among issues that liberty drivers have reported.

What problems do Jeep Libertys have?

Some Jeep Liberty owners between 2002 and 2012 have experienced fluid leaks from their vehicles, which they believe are the result of a damaged differential pinion seal or transfer case. These leaks have the potential to cause bearing failure, which can result in excessive vehicle vibration as well as whining or grinding noises from the engine.

What is the value of a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

A leaking differential pinion seal or transfer case has been observed by some Jeep Liberty owners who own vehicles manufactured between 2002 and 2012. Due to the leaks, the bearings in the car may fail, resulting in severe vehicle vibration, whining, and grinding noises.

Why is my Jeep Liberty getting bad gas mileage?

A faulty fuel pump might result in a rough running engine as a result of the engine not receiving enough gasoline. This will result in a reduction in fuel economy. If this problem is not addressed, the vehicle will perform poorly, including sputtering and stalling. The presence of a clogged gasoline filter will also result in decreased gas mileage, as previously stated.

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Why was the Jeep Liberty discontinued?

For the North American market, Jeep canceled the Liberty CRD because it was unable to comply with stricter 2007 emissions regulations for diesel engines. Both transmission options were carryovers from the previous model year: a six-speed manual and a four-speed automatic.

Do Jeep Libertys have transmission problems?

Despite the fact that this midsize SUV was equipped with some quite dependable engines from the factory, several owners have reported experiencing difficulties with their 42RLE gearbox. Transmission difficulties with the Jeep Liberty are most commonly associated with slippage between ratios, or with a perceptible delay between changes.

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