How Do I Contact Jeep With A Problem? (Question)

  • Jeep Complaints Contact Information Contact Customer Service at 1-800-992-1997. Customer Service Contact Form may be found here.

How do I complain to Jeep corporate?

Jeep Complaints Contact Information

  1. Customers may reach Jeep Customer Care at 1-800-992-1997, or they can use the Customer Care Contact Form, or they can call Jeep Headquarters at 1-248-576-5741, or they can tweet Jeep Customer Care, or they can tweet Jeep.

How do I contact jeep directly?

If you have any problems viewing any of the content on, please contact our Customer Service Team by email or by phone at 1-877-IAMJEEP for additional assistance or to report a problem with the site.

Where is the corporate headquarters of Jeep?

Jeep has had its headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, since the company’s beginnings, and the community has long been proud of this association with the company.

How do I contact Jeep warranty?

Having hosted the Jeep brand’s corporate headquarters since conception, Toledo has always been adamant about preserving that tradition.

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How do I complain to the FCA?

How to File a Complaint

  1. Complaining in the proper manner

How do I contact Uconnect?

Dial 1-855-792-4241 to reach Uconnect® Customer Care, or click the Assist button on your rearview mirror and choose Uconnect Care to make the call from your car.

Where is the Jeep factory?

The Quick and Dirty Answer Jeep’s headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, is where the Wrangler and Gladiator are manufactured. It is manufactured in the Belvidere Assembly Plant in Belvidere, Illinois, which previously produced the now-discontinued Jeep Patriot, and it is manufactured at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan, where the Grand Cherokee is manufactured.

What do the letters Jeep stand for?

For the sake of summarizing, Jeep is derived from the military word GP, which stands for General Purpose Vehicles. A reputation for consistently producing superb 4x4s, SUVs, and off-roading vehicles has developed for the company over the years.

Who is Jeep owned by?

Have you ever wondered, “Who is the manufacturer of CDJR?” FIAT Chrysler Automobiles, sometimes known as FCA, is the parent corporation that handles the whole Alfa Romeo brand as well as the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, FIAT, and Jeep brands.

Who is the CEO of Jeep?

Jim Morrison is the President of the Jeep® Brand for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – North America. He was appointed to the office in June of this year.

How long is Jeep roadside assistance good for?

If you are a purchaser for the purpose of using the car, you are protected by the Roadside Assistance services. This service is valid for 5 years or 100,000 miles on the odometer, whichever comes first, and is determined from the commencement date of the Basic Limited Warranty, as specified in Section 2.1(E).

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What does my Jeep warranty cover?

In the case of a damaged item on your vehicle that was provided by Chrysler Motors, the Basic Warranty will cover the cost of all parts and labor required to fix the item – whether it is defective in material, craftsmanship, or factory preparation. Because tires are the single exception, there is no list of the items that are covered.

How do I know if my Jeep is under warranty?

WHERE CAN I FIND OUT IF MY VEHICLE IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY? By entering into your Jeep® Brand Vehicle Dashboard, you will be able to view the specifics of your vehicle’s limited warranty. Even if you haven’t configured your Vehicle Dashboard yet, you may search for vehicles by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Does Jeep still have lifetime warranty?

However, even if the Jeep Lifetime Warranty is no longer available, the 7 Year / Unlimited Mileage plan remains the industry’s longest warranty offered for customers who log a lot of miles on their vehicles. What is covered by the Jeep Unlimited Mileage Warranty and how long does it last? It is possible to purchase three different levels of protection: maximum care, Added Care Plus, and Powertrain.

How long does Jeep warranty last?

What is the duration of Jeep warranties? In addition, Jeep’s standard limited warranty, often known as bumper-to-bumper coverage, is valid for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Jeep’s powertrain warranty is only valid for 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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