Submitting Content


We’re always looking for fresh, exciting content for about the bikes and the adventures we love so much. If you think you’ve got photography, tech articles, product reviews, or ride reports that you’d like to submit; here’s some of our guidelines for you to consider:

  • Articles must be cleanly written with articulate and engaging writing. Think magazine articles when you’re writing, not website forums.
  • If we reject an article or photography you submitted, it does not mean we don’t like you or that the writing is not good–it just means that the subject, content, or style may not fit what we’re looking for at this time.
  • If content is selected for publication, your submission is an act of acknowledgment and agreement to give the right to publish and promote your content in any manner we see fit. This may or may not include submitting content–in part or in whole–in other print or online formats and publications. Contributor agrees to grant exclusive world and electronic rights, from the point of acceptance forward to the content to use as sees fit. Author or photographer will retain copyright to all materials submitted.
  • reserves the right to edit for content and length as we deem necessary.

Submit materials to along with your contact information and a statement that you agree to the guidelines for publication as outlined on this website. We will do our best to respond to all queries within 1 month or less.