Review: No Toil Air Filter

October 17, 2011 Latest News

no toil 3 pack

I know you have heard it a hundred times, but its true dirt will reduce the life of your engine and increase your repair cost over the life of the bike. Nobody likes cleaning air filters, but No-Toil only made the old drawn out process of cleaning air filters in solvent, then in soapy water practically extinct.

I’m not new to the using No Toil products; I have been using them for the last 7 years and can say their filters and oils/cleaners are the best I have ever used. Now with the No Toil Evolution , which is green in color, replaces the older red colored oil that I was very fond of and used for the last 7 years. No Toil addressed some concerns about shipping regulations, by adding an aqueous carrier agent to replace the isopropyl alcohol that was used. I’m sure you have heard the rumors of the alcohol damaging the filter foam and degradation of the glued seams. I have never experienced any of those issues but if it was a concern of yours, No Toil has taken the proper steps to resolve and put those rumors to bed with the new No Toil Evolution. For best results when applying the new “Green” oil is to ensure the air filter is completely dry, the oil doesn’t like any remaining water in the filter foam. You’ll notice that once the oil is applied and filter “air dries” for 15 plus minutes or so, it becomes sticky to touch. So with that I prefer to allow the air filter to hang out on my work bench while I complete other task, before installing it in the bike.

No-Toil’s Power Cleaner is in a powder form, and simply mixes with water. Fill your sink with about 4-5 inches of warm water, add a quarter cup of the No-Toil Powder Cleaner, and you’re set to clean the dirty air filter. The filters will come out spotless clean and you’re using the only nontoxic, biodegradable filter oil and cleaner on the market. This is a specific cleaner and other types of cleaners will not provide the desired results.

Dual stage foam means you have two different pore sizes to create more dirt trapping area for even the smallest dirt particles. Flame laminated foam allows both “stages” not to be glued, but heat sealed together to provide maximum air flow to your engine and increased horse power. No Toil filters feature very strong glue seams that will withstand aftermarket solvents and even gas. One thing that can be over looked is the fact that the light color foam that is used; this makes it easier to see where the filter oil has not been applied. Fit is perfect, O.E.M size to help stop more dirt and seal to the inside of the air box intake track.

No-Toil manufactures the world’s best 2-stage foam air filters, using only the best flame-laminated dual-layer foam bonded with the highest quality glue. No-Toil hand makes each foam filter here in the U.S.A to stand up to toughest riding conditions. These filters, used with No-Toil foam filter oil, provide the best air filtration system for your dirt bike, period. If that’s not enough, each filter comes with a one year warranty.

I feel confindent that you will receive excellent results and service from the No Toil air filters while using the cleaner and oil. It’s easy to get 12 plus months of use from these filters before you will need to replace it, like I said at the begining I have been using No Toil Products for years and I have zero complaints. Only $19.99 for my YZ250, so order yours today.

        • Durability 24/25
        • Function 25/25
        • Price 23/25
        • Design/Fit 25/25

Total Points Scored 97 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations

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