The Baja Rally: It’s All Uphill from Here

What the BAJA RALLY is famous for isn’t the incredible staff, the unity among adversaries, its dedication to preserving Baja’s environment and propelling their economy, or even the high standard of safety – though these qualities are all apparent. The racers go home raving about the route. How it challenged even the most accomplished riders and drivers. When the navigation added an intellectual dimension to the overall competition. Or what obstacles the varied terrain offered each day. In 2017, Special Stage 1 is no different.

Some riders were lost from the start. Others breezed through the course like it was made for them. As with any rally, there were setbacks – mechanical issues, an impending sunset and one medical incident which was handled with smooth efficiency and tact by the safety team and directors. Altogether, the competitors are safe, happy and chowing on chicken at Rancho El Coyote – one of BAJA RALLY’s go-to bivouacs.

“Today’s tasks were pretty intense. We had lots of action. We sent the racers from sea-level to the sky today where they finished the stage at 3,000 feet at El Coyote. Can’t wait to see how Special Stage 2 unfolds!” – Mauricio Parra, BAJA RALLY General Director