Purvines DA8 Racing National Hare & Hound Panaca, Nevada

2nd Place

Axel Pearson was heading into round 7 with one thing on his mind, a podium. Panaca, Nevada’s bomb was a bit different than most Hare & Hound rounds. “It was more like a moto start, really flat and watered going into a big first turn. It was still dead engine but we started by each class with about 30 pros on the line. 200 – 300 yards into the start it finally went into sage brush then took off to the desert.” Pearson’s bike started fine but he had a 2 stroke next to him who quickly cut left and messed up his original game plan. “I was about 10th going into the first turn and made my way into 8th by the time we got to the brush.” Pearson walked quite a bit of the first section so was confident in his line choice heading into the desert. “I kept it pinned and came out in the lead about 400 yards out. I almost t-boned Argubright who cut a 90 and clipped my tire. It was a really hectic start and people we’re going in every direction.” Pearson would lead the first 30 miles with Taylor Robert pressuring him the whole time. “We got into a rocky canyon where it was less dusty and Taylor was just riding better, we battled a little but but he snuck right by me.” Pearson made his way through the pits in 2nd place heading out onto loop 2. “I had a little crash on the start of loop 2 but was able to get up quick and straighten my levers.” Loop 2 was hard to read which slowed everyone down a bit, Pearson was able to catch back up to Robert in 1st place. “By the time I caught Taylor the course opened up to wide open washes and I stayed back about 20-30 seconds all the way to the finish.” Pearson rode a consistent race to his first Hare & Hound podium of the year. “It felt good to get 2nd and have a good start which I’ve been struggling on a bit this year. I made a few adjustments to my bike during the summer and it was nice to feel more comfortable out there, I hope to keep the ball rolling.” With 2 rounds to go, Pearson now sits only 7 points from 3rd place in the championship hunt.

3rd Place

After some small injuries toward the end of the first few rounds, Gary Sutherlin was able to recuperate during the short summer break. “I had a bad jump when the flag dropped but was still able to get a decent enough start. It was just chaos in the beginning so people got around me.” Sutherlin made his way into a comfortable 4th place but found himself riding timid on the fast roads. “By the time I came into the pits they told me I was 2 minutes back, I realized I had to kick it into gear and focus.” Sutherlin found a flow on the second loop and was able to catch up to Argubright before having a tip over in the trees. “I caught back up to him again and I couldn’t see dust in front of me or behind me so I just played it smart and collected a 3rd. I found myself riding timid in the beginning but I only have 1 thing on my mind and thats the championship, I know what I need to do to get there.” Sutherlin now sits 33 points ahead in the championship chase with only 2 rounds to go.

6th Place

With a podium under Nick Burson’s belt, he knew what it would take to get back on the box. “The Caliente round is always a really good race. It started with the Pro autograph signing on Friday night, it’s one of the more popular rounds and it’s cool to see all the kids stop by.” Burson knew that the start was going to be crucial due to how dusty it was going to be. “When the banner dropped I got a good jump and came around the first turn in 5th place.” Burson ended up mis judging the road and his teammate, Pearson, was able to squeeze by. “By the time I was settling into a trail I was about 6th place and was able to make a pass into 5th.” Half way through Burson’s 1st loop his race started to take a frustrating turn. “The harder I tried to push to catch up, the more mistakes I kept making. I crashed about 3-4 times and made my way to the pits in 6th place.” Burson charged his way into the 2nd loop making up some time but making small mistakes trying to catch up. “I finally made my way to the finish in 6th place, it was just a really frustrating day for me. I have another month off and will put in the work and be back stronger at the next round.”

RON PURVINES (Team Owner):

“With a nice summer break before Round 7, the guys trained hard and made necessary adjustments to be ready for Panaca. I was happy that we we’re half of the top 6 spots and 2/3’rds of the podium. It was nice to see Axel on the podium and only a few points out from 3rd in standings. He had home field advantage this race but he still had to work hard to earn that 2nd place. Sutherlin continues to be consistent while building a points gap from the group for the championship. I was really impressed that he’s looking at the bigger picture and rode smart. After a rough round 6 it’s nice to see Burson get some points and seat time. We’re looking forward to the last 2 Hare & Hound rounds and see what we can do.”