The Dual Sport Summit Experience

The “Mother Ship” Klim’s Headquarters

This adventure we were about to embark on started over a year ago, and we could not imagine a better place than Idaho’s backcountry. It was then during the summer of 2016 when Mark Kincart the Marketing Manager with Klim reached out and invited us to attend an event Klim was organizing. Details at the time were limited but Mark had mentioned that Klim was inviting a few select influential social media brands to join us. He had went on to mention that Klim’s vision was to get these influential accounts and media groups better connected with the Klim brand and each other, so each could share their gained knowledge and experiences with their own following or readers. When asked if we were interested we eagerly jumped at the opportunity as excitement and wonder filled our little minds.

Idaho’s evenings and back roads were so beautiful, you could just feel that something special was in the air and we were living in it at the moment

Fast forward to nearly a year the summer 2017 where we had long forgot about the event. When an entire year has pasted by and we had gotten busy with other rides, projects, families, and with no reminders about the event since our phone call a year ago, you tend to forget and move on. Then on July 3rd things got serious when we received an email from Mark with our flight details and agenda. At this time is when Brandon Turner had to make a tough decision regarding this trip. See Brandon was just out in Idaho in June visiting Rekluse and racing over a weekend, now with a new baby, wife returning to work, all of this just didn’t sync well with him leaving again for another week, so Brandon had to decline the invite for this trip. For myself I was attending this maybe once in a life time trip that was only a month away. Shortly after our flight details were provided Mark followed up with email introducing everyone so we could start building our union with one another and so we all could see who all was formally invited to this event and that it’s now officially called The Dual Sport Summit. We all introduced ourselves through email, communicated about our upcoming flights as some of us had the same flights and layovers. So it only made sense for those that could to meet at the air ports and enjoy a cold beer all while trying to imagine the memories and friendships that were going to be made during the first ever Dual Sport Summit. On the evening of Wednesday August 2nd we all have arrived at Idaho Falls within a few hours of each other and at this time we all gathered at a local restaurant. You could see and feel the excitement at the dinner table, we all were so animated in our conversations, and this was the perfect environment for all of us to “break the ice” and get to know each other over dinner and a few adult liquid refreshments.

Photographer Nick Livingston: When I was asked if I was having fun? I had this smile on my face the entire time, that’s how awesome riding dirt bikes in Idaho is.

We all gathered on Thursday morning August 3rd in the hotel lobby so we could drive up to Rigby, Idaho to visit Klim’s headquarters. Klim valued our time and was properly prepared to coach us on their processes and products so we could share those experiences with other riders and people in the industry. After seeing the operation first hand I truly understand why Klim’s riding apparel is at a higher price point than most. We spent hours getting the “behind the scenes” tour of Klims operations from warehousing, design, fabric research, thread & sewing technology, testing, rider research, and if you didn’t already know Klim offers a life time warranty. “You get what you pay for” is a true statement when it comes to Klim’s apparel. The entire Klim family is very passionate about riding and preserving our trail systems and it shows in their operation, employees, and it’s just their culture at Klim. I wear a lot of different gear brands and I can tell you that most companies just change color styles each year but at Klim they are truly trying to find the next best products to construct their riding apparel with.

Photographer: Nick Livingston

Klim is going after the dual sport segment and is “loaded for bear” is the best way I can describe it, their current and future products suggest it so get ready. With Klim’s attack on the dual sport segment they wanted to prove that you can have big adventures on small bikes so they outfitted all of us with brand new Honda CRF250L (few rally models as well) bikes equipped with Wolfman tank bags and Trail Tech Voyagers. Honda has proven the CRF250L to be a very well-suited bike for entry into the dual sport segment at a starting price of $5,149. We think motorcycles should be about getting out and enjoying the world around you. Whether it’s the sun, the wind in your face, or those adventures that await around each corner, the Honda CRF250L delivers and will put a smile on your face. During our two day expedition aboard our CRF250L’s we racked up around 400 miles exploring Idaho’s backcountry. From exploring old abounded mines, trails, and climbing up to over 10,000ft left all of us dirty and tried but satisfied. Finding the words to even describe my feelings regarding this trip and the stunning views of Idaho is the hardest part. I was overwhelmed with excitement, impatient to see what lied ahead, and overall all my senses were on overload. But like the ole saying goes “all good things must come to an end” and it did just that as our week had come to an end Sunday August 7th and all of us had planes to catch, families eagerly awaiting, and jobs to return to on Monday.

Each evening we all gathered around the camp fire and shared our experiences with one another over a few cold beers.

Even with a packed week of meetings, riding, and hooligan acts, I was able to track down Mark Kincart for a little Q&A regarding the Dual Sport Summit and Klim.

Q-Mark since you bared the responsibly for putting together the Dual Sport Summit, please explain to me and the ones reading about it here, why did Klim decide to host such an event like this?

A-The Dual Sport segment is truly a Community made up of all ages. It’s also about the last frontier on affordable motorcycles. If we can Appeal to this more cost-conscious audience by explaining the value of Klim quality the first time and give them a good experience, we should be able to hold onto them as they get older and can afford larger motorcycles and higher price points.

Q-What kind of outcome is expected from this event and will Klim be hosting these types of events in the future?

A-No expectations we simply want to get our name out there to the end user. Once they try KLIM they will be sold on the quality and understand why it cost more. As the page owner you now have an insight on what it goes into making higher quality gear first hand and we hope you share what you saw with your followers.

Q-What persuaded you to choose the selected social media accounts and media outlets for this event?

A-Two reasons. The geographical location of your page or media and the quality of the content that you produce.

Q-What is Klim’s direction going forward in regards to the off-road market?

A-I believe dual sport and trail riding are segments that most people don’t pay attention to because it’s not glamorous it’s not in front of thousands of people. But it is a great segment made up of genuinely good people. I think we can grow this segment and produce a profit catering to the dualsport crowd.

iPhone Photographer: Richard Hughes

I would like to extend a gigantic size Thank You to Mark Kincart and the entire Klim crew for putting together such a well-organized event. This event was such a worry free travel experience, thanks to Klim for arranging all travel needs, lodging, and daily meals, this allowed all of us to be able to focus on the event and having fun. The best part about riding motorcycles is when you ride with other people that share the same passion for riding as you do, throw in an awesome place like Mackay, Idaho and it turns into a larger-than-life experience. Once again thank you Klim and everyone that attended, you all have filled me with memories that will stay with me forever and I’m certain I’ll never top this riding experience ever.



Simson Cudby Up Shift

Richard Hughes Dirt Hammers

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Ken @astro scrambler

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Jefe @califonia_dual_sport_riders


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