Beta USA Race Team Update

Riders came from around the world last weekend to compete in the TKO event. Riding conditions were decent at the beginning of day one. However, the track worsened with every lap. Mud-caked-rocks and loosened terrain made it difficult for riders to navigate what were previously good lines. Crashes and falls began to take place more commonly, but the pace of the race barely slowed down, as racers battled for positions.

In the Women’s class only two riders made it to the final event on Sunday; Morgan Tanke and Victoria Harcy. Morgan took 1st place in the Women’s Class in Sunday’s main event on board her Beta Xtrainer.

Morgan Commented;

“The TKO was nothing short of awesome! Right from the start I knew the day was going to be difficult, the slick rocky terrain was much different than what I’m usually used too.

Within 2 miles of the race course, a dumb mistake almost cut my day short. I hit a log that forced me to take an impromptu swim on the first deep creek crossing. After a couple of minutes, my Xtrainer lit back up and I was on my way.

After some tip overs and a lot of energy spent I made it to the finish in 1st! I couldn’t believe how slick all of the rocks got throughout the day, it was definitely good practice for the Endurocross opener in Las Vegas!”

Morgan concentrating on a line while gliding through a loose section of rocks.

Photo by D Tanke Images

Gerston and Ashburn Finished 4th & 5th

The men’s pro class had some close finishes between the top racers, which made for an
action packed weekend. Beta riders Max Gerston and Jordan Ashburn battled each other, and 3rd place finisher Mario Roman, for positions throughout the event.

Jordan Ashburn Commented;

“Well we had a pretty successful day at the TKO. Started off the hot lap with a tip over so I started the first knockout in 13th place. The first knockout I pushed hard and cleaned most of the sections and was able to finish 3rd overall.

The second knockout race, I started off good with the lead and just continued to ride smooth and came in 3rd overall again. I started the final knockout on the front line and ran 4th pretty well the whole race till the last lap.

I kept having troubles going up the waterfall section. And the last lap max passed me there I fell too many times and was completely wore out. We managed to help each other up and he beat me to the finish so we finished 4th and 5th respectively.”

Max Gerston hurdling his bike over a large log.

Photo by Shan Moore

Jordan Ashburn throwing a roost while coming out of a slippery creek bed.

Photo by Shan Moore