Purvines DA8 Racing Lucerne Valley, CA

3rd Place

Gary Sutherlin’s mindset heading into Round 4 was pure damage control. Sutherlin suffered a dislocated shoulder last weekend and knew he just needed to hold on and get some points. “I had a decent start but got cut off and came out at the end of the bomb in 5th.” Sutherlin wasn’t able to make any passes on loop 1 because of the thick clouds of dust. “After the pits I headed out on Loop 2 in 4th place, trying to catch up to Argubright and Robert. When I was all by myself out there, I ended up hitting something and slammed my head hard and realized something hit my leg pretty good. I got up slowly and was super dazed and confused but just rode an easy pace the rest of that loop.” Sutherlin made it to the pit and took a little bit of time to regroup before heading back out on Loop 3. “Destry told me I wasn’t too far off of Taylor before heading back out, so I just put my head down, I knew I had to finish on the podium to salvage some points.” Sutherlin ended his day in 3rd, now sitting 18 points behind 1st. Right after the podium he went straight to a hospital where his calf ballooned up. “I’m trying to do what I can to get this hematoma down along with worrying about my shoulder. I’m just trying to take each race one weekend at a time until I get a big enough break to recover.”

5th Place

Axel Pearson was coming into Round 4 of NHHA knowing that it would be a challenging course. “My start was pretty decent, around 10th, and I moved up quickly, even passing Gary at one point but he passed me back and that left me in 6th.” Pearson would stay in 6th place for most of the first loop because of the dusty course with no wind in sight. “I moved up to 5th place when Nick had a brake problem going into the 2nd loop.” Pearson spent a lot of time on the ground in the rocky sections of loop 2. “I couldn’t seem to find my groove in the rocks today. I’ve always loved rocks but today I couldn’t catch a break.” Pearson would finish the rough day in 5th place due to Robert being penalized. “Not exactly what I wanted, but I felt good in the fast stuff and that’s usually where I struggle the most so I’m excited about that and ready for next weekend!”

6th Place

Burson was looking forward to racing in Lucerne, a place he’s very familiar with. “I got a great jump off of the dead engine start! It was really short and continued through a big valley after the bomb where I was about 4th place.” At the end of the bomb, Burson stayed to the right of the trail and made his way into the lead. “I lead for a few miles through the valley and fell back into 3rd by the time we settled into a main trail.” Burson was feeling comfortable when he hit a stake with his right hand guard. “It wasn’t a wooden stake and I almost crashed but instead I damaged my front brake system, from that point on I had no front brakes.” Burson came into the pits where his mechanic, Collin Woolsey, and team changed out the whole system quickly. “I left in 7th place and set out to catch the guys in front of me.” I finally caught up to their dust when I started to have some problems with my new front brake, where it was sticking.” Burson had a get off in Loop 2 causing him to back off and realize that he would ride the rest of the race with no front brakes. “I felt really good on the bikes and without the unfortunate problems, I know i would have been battling for a podium spot.” Burson is looking forward to another round of NHHA next weekend in Utah.

Ron Purvines (Team Owner): “It was an interesting weekend for everyone out at Lucerne, not just our team. All 3 guys rode incredibly well for what they we’re dealt with. Gary is still close to contention for the championship and Nick and Axel have a chance to work their way up there. We’re looking forward to another round next weekend in Utah where we’re ready to redeem ourselves.”