Purvines DA8 Racing Weekend Recap

1st Place
Nick Burson has his eyes on Pioche as that race suited his style. “The start was going to be really important and I knew my teammate Axel does really well up here so I had to be on my game.” Burson had a great jump off the start and was able to be the first to the dirt. “About 5 miles in I came up to a closed gate and didn’t really know what to do. I tried to wheelie over the gate but my rear wheel got stuck. I started to freak out as I watched my lead get away from me.” Teammate, Ryan Marshall, ended up being in 2nd place and got off his bike to help Burson. “At this point, the top 5 we’re all at the gate. Thankfully everyone calmed down and took off in the positions they came, except for Ryan as he stayed to open the gate for everyone.” Burson pinned it from there, knowing he had two Pearson’s right on his tail. “Coming into lap 1 I knew Axel was so close to me, but luckily I was in front and didn’t have to worry about dust. About halfway through the last lap I hit some lappers where Pearson got right on me. It was a full out sprint to the finish.” Burson is now leading the series championship.
2nd Place
Pearson was off of pavement start on the gas, but would be around 9th place by the time they hit the trees. “I made some quick passes in the dust and really had to hang it out to get by some guys.” By mile 5, Pearson would take over 4th place eyeing the guys ahead of him until he saw them stopped. “My teammate Nick was stuck in a barb wired gate that wasn’t open. My brother was running 3rd, so we stopped everyone behind us. Between myself, my brother, Ryan Marshall and Nick we we’re able to get the bike out.” The heart and family sense of off-road racing really shined through when they all took off from there in the same order they came in. “I was able to get by Tuffy pretty quickly, and was charging hard for that top spot. The dust got so bad that there wasn’t much I could do.” Pearson kept pushing hard despite the dust, only staying 15 seconds behind teammate Nick. “I had one good crash while I was charging, but fortunately was okay to get going again and put my head down to catch 1st.” With 1 lap to go Pearson gave it his all, falling only 7 seconds short from that top spot. “I feel bad for Nick, Ryan and Tuffy as the whole closed gate incident messed up their races and made it a bit easier for me to catch them. Thanks to the whole team and my girlfriend for the quick pits. I know I had the speed so I’m really looking forward to the next round of NHHA in just under a month!”