Purvines DA8 Racing: AMA West Hare Scrambles Championship Gorman, CA

1st Place

Defending West Hare Scrambles Champion Nick Burson has been eyeing that top spot this 2017 season. “I always look forward to this Gorman Hare Scrambles event, I knew what I had to do and I felt ready.” Burson came into Gorman with the win the past 2 years, he had no plan of changing that this year. “I was looking for that 3 peat and also really needed to make up some series points.” When the flag dropped for round 3 of the WHS, Burson’s, Purvines DA8 Yamaha was out front. “I tried to push and get a good gap going on the first lap. The course was really difficult this year and I was struggling a little bit but I was able to execute my game plan.” Burson put the hammer down and was able to get a few minutes lead on second where he rode consistent all the way to the checkered flag. “It was really nice to get the win and bring me up in the championship standings. I’d like to thank my beautiful wife and the entire Purvines Racing Team for the support and help which led me to this top spot.”

3rd Place

Axel Pearson was ready for battle at Round 3 of the Western Hare Scrambles. “I had a decent start but didn’t end up pushing hard enough in the motocross section and made my way into the desert section in 6th place.” With a dusty lap ahead of him, Pearson was able to make some passes and eventually catch up to 3rd. “I charged as hard as I could in his dust but ended up blowing a turn and went into a tree which smashed my radiator. Fortunately, our radiator guards are amazing which saved me.” Pearson worked his way into 3rd place a few minutes off the top 2. “I charged a good pace but lappers and dust played a factor in me catching 2nd. Overall I’m happy with a 3rd I just know I can do better. Thanks to the whole team for the support and I’m looking forward to the Idaho Hare & Hound next weekend.”

Collin Woolsey (Team Manager): “We had a great weekend in Gorman, CA. Finally having a dry WHS race really played well in our teams strengths. The Yamaha’s performed flawlessly and both Nick and Axel put in excellent rides. It’s exciting to have our first dual podium of 2017, we hope to repeat it again.”