Atlas Brace Product SpotlightCharger Roost Guard

For the Chargers.

Whether you’re charging through the pack, down a course, or at your local track—the Charger is the perfect minimalist base layer.
Feather Weight.

Breathable perforated Nylon and Spandex are combined with die cut EVA foam to create a lightweight, easy to wear vest. Perfect for any temperature.

Roost Ready.

Strategically die cut 8mm EVA foam is bonded in place over the chest, spine, and kidneys, while the unique pattern helps keep movements natural, and keeps the air flow evenly distributed.

Made for Atlas. And you.

By combining the Charger with an Atlas Brace, you get the ultimate minimalist combination that has been purposely designed to work together. Straps are integrated for ease of use, and are always there when you need them.

Low profile fit. High-profile look.

Ultra low profile easily fits under jerseys, so you can proudly show off your gear with no obstructions. Sponsors will love it!

Available in black or white in S/M or L/XL

MSRP $69.99

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About: Atlas Brace Technologies is based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and Valencia, California. Founded in 2011, Atlas is the home of the first racer designed and racer tested next generation neck braces and body protection. The entire product line is uniquely designed and of the highest level of safety, comfort, and mobility. For more information on Atlas Brace Technologies, please visit