Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Precision Concepts Racing Team Report

The 2017 WORCS season kicked off with what will likely be one of the physically tougher courses of the year, as the beach-like sand surrounding the Mesquite Motocross Park would form deep, sharp sand whoops around most of the ten-mile race track. When the gate dropped to signal the start of the two-hour pro race, both Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Precision Concepts race team riders – Robby Bell and Justin Seeds – were at the tail end of the top ten. Seeds got to work quickly, working his way up inside the top five on the first lap, before a bit of arm pump forced him to slow his pace as he worked through the tightness. Bell, on the other hand, built his way into the race, beginning to make moves through the pack on the second lap and moving into fourth place by the halfway mark. After a multi-lap battle with Honda-mounted Travis Damon, Bell was finally able to make the pass stick, moving into third, where he would stay for the remainder of the race.

 Justin Seeds’ early arm pump had him drop a few positions, back to seventh, but he came on strong as the laps wound down, pushing back up to fifth place, and finishing just two seconds behind (fourth place-finisher) Damon as the checkered flag flew. Said Seeds after the race, “I got a new trainer and a physical therapist [during the off-season], just trying to figure out everything that I needed to change up [coming into 2017], and to help with my shoulder, and I put my head down and really pushed myself for this year. [In the race], I was able to sneak around the inside [off the start], I think I was mid-pack, and I put the hammer down on the first lap. Then I got a little bit pumped up and dropped back to seventh or eighth, but once I got through the pump, I put my head down and was flowing pretty well, I just ran out of time [to pass Travis Damon]. I wanted one more lap, but all-in-all I’m happy to start the year with a fifth and come away healthy. Going into next weekend [the first round of BIG 6] I have high goals set. I want a win…the least I should get is on the podium.”

Robby Bell was pleased to be on the podium, but wants more, stating post-race, “Today was positive. I felt like I hadn’t truly raced since May [before Bell’s nagging shoulder injury]. I’d put in quite a bit of work the past month, but you never know how you’re doing compared to everyone else until that first gate drops. I felt a bit slow out of the gate, took a couple laps to get my rhythm, but my body, and especially my shoulder, felt good, so I was really happy with that. Once I got into fourth, I was really impressed with Damon’s speed. It took me a while to finally make the move into third, and then I could see Gary [Sutherlin] just up the course, but he stayed strong to the finish and I wasn’t able to close the gap any. Overall, I’d say it was a positive weekend, but I’m nowhere near satisfied. Taylor [Robert] was on another level today, and it’s going to take some work to close that gap, but I’m up for the challenge. I feel like I’m still building myself back to peak fitness, and we’re still improving the new bike, so I feel like I’ll have more to give for sure.”