Cyclops LED Auxiliary Lighting Kit: Honda Africa Twin


Honda blasted into the ADV bike segment with the release of their Africa Twin, leaving aftermarket companies in total chaos as each ramped up to bring new accessories to market. Cyclops Adventure Sports was one of those companies that jumped at the opportunity to offer new accessories for the much awaited Africa Twin. We are pleased to announce the release of the all new Cyclops LED Auxiliary Lighting Kit for the Honda Africa Twin. Now you can get the outstanding performance from the Cyclops Optimus Long Range lights or their very new and popular B15 integral dimming lights all in a plug and play kit designed precisely for the Africa Twin, this kit will give you a robust powder coated steel mount. The mount has been accidently crash tested into a cow down in Baja, and race tested during 24hr race events! Chose the light kit and beam patterns you prefer from the Cyclops ADV Sports drop down menus. Remember you can purchase with confidence that you can install this kit with no wiring splices required, no holes to drill, and 100% plug and play!