5 Things to Look Out For When Riding Off-road


A weekend dualsport trip can be fun, but it can also pose some hidden challenges to you & your motorcycle. Avoid some potentially unpleasant predicaments by keeping these five things in mind before you hit the trail:

    1. Make Sure Your Bike Is Ready: Before you & your friends hit the trails, make sure that your bike is in good running shape and ready to handle a long days ride.  Check your oil, radiator fluid, air filter, tire pressure & fuel level. There is nothing worst than being that guy that breaks down & ruins the day for everybody else. I always bring my tool roll, an extra tube & a fuel bottle in a Wolf fuel holster.  That extra liter can be the difference between me pushing or riding my bike back to the truck!


    1. Know The Weather: Bad weather can turn a good day of exploring a new area into a dangerous one. A good weather app will let you keep track of your local weather in real time. You can check the weather radar to see where the front is in conjunction to your location. You always want to know what kind of weather to expect for the day, especially if you’ll be riding through a low area that could flood. You don’t want to be riding up a canyon that’s prone to flash flooding & get caught in a hard rain, so you’ve always got to plan accordingly.


    1. Know Your Terrain: It is always a good idea to know your terrain before you ride through. If this is your first time in an area, bring someone else that knows their way around. If you’re intent on going by yourself, make sure to take a map or GPS so that you can scope out the best route just in case your storm radar warns of inclement weather during your ride. Being lost & stuck in a storm just makes a bad day worst!


  1. Know Who to Call for Help: This could be your spouse, a friend or the local authorities. Make sure you know who to call in case of an emergency & make sure your spouse or friend knows who to call for you if you haven’t returned within a certain time period. Let them know where you’re riding & if you have a smartphone, share your location until the end of the day. When riding alone or with a friend, you always need a back-up plan.


  1. Prepare for Emergencies: Should an emergency arise that will require you to make unforeseen stops or repairs, you should have a plan of action. If you know that you’re going to lose service, make sure that someone knows what area you’ll be in & that you have some snacks, water, the proper riding gear, an adventure jacket & of course, your basic tools just in case you break down.


Any kind of off-road adventure can be a fun & safe as long as you’re properly prepared & ready to act in case of an emergency.