Wolfman Luggage | Enduro Daytripper Saddle Bags


Product: Enduro Daytripper Saddle Bags

Company: Wolfman Luggage

Price: $169.99

About:  In just about every corner of the globe where adventure can be sought out on a motorcycle, you’ll find Wolfman Luggage along for the ride.  Why?  Is it because of the built-in versatility of their bags, innovative design quality, or is it just the grass roots feel of the brand that makes their luggage cool?  Whatever the reason, people really seem to like it.  Wolfman Luggage has been around for for over 20 years.  They started their craft in 1992 & has grown into the motorcycle luggage giant they are today.  The luggage can be found in retail stores & online around the world.


Use: Finally, someone thought about the little guy.  The Enduro Daytripper Saddle Bags are best used for pretty much every dirtbike & dualsport 700cc & smaller.  The Daytripper Saddlebags are good for just that; a day trip or for the light packer.  Their good for taking the load off your back by holding your snacks, extra gloves, goggles, spare tube, base layer shirt, tool roll, keys, wallet &  even a hammock!  The possibilities are endless.  You’d be surprised what you can stuff into 12 liters. They also come with  adjustable mounts that allow for a snug fit that doesn’t require a rack.  They go on quick & easy with 4 points of attachment.


What I liked:  The Enduro Daytripper has been a major part of my dualsport game & a godsend for those long adventure rides.  I used to always have to load up my hydration pack with snacks, my wallet, keys, chap stick, a couple of tools & that was about it. The weight of the hydration pack would start killing my neck & back after a couple of hours.  It made those all day rides a bit miserable towards the end & I hated it.  But now, this is a none issue.  I don’t have to carry anything in my hydration pack but a liter of water.  In my saddlebags, I’m able to carry a tool roll in one side & on the other, I carry my wallet, keys, snacks, gloves, a rag & an extra base layer shirt.  Even after I’ve filled all 12 liters of luggage space, I still can’t tell that they are there when I’m riding. It amazes me after how much I load them down that I still can’t feel them, even in the tight stuff.  When Wolfman Luggage said that these wouldn’t hinder the rider, they weren’t kidding!  These are perfect for a guy like me that doesn’t like bulky luggage on my 350exc.  Another thing I like about these is the material that they are constructed of.  Its full highly coasted 1680 denier ballistic fabric.  In other words, they are tough as hell!  Once I’ve put a couple of rides on them, I empty them out & clean them up with a little soap & water.  They are definitely low maintenance saddlebags when it comes to taking care of them.


What I’d change:  Honesty, I don’t have  much to complain about with these.  They work as advertised & I have been very pleased with them.  But, If I could change one thing with these bags, it would be to make them waterproof. Being an enduro saddlebag for smaller enduro bikes, most enduro riders will probably be using these out in the woods, on the trails, in the mud, & crossing creeks.  Some of my stuff did get wet after hitting a bunch of water holes down a dirt road one day, so that’s just something to watch out for when running these.  Mud isn’t an issue, but rain & big water crossings can get you soggy.  I’m sure there are some smaller water proof pouches out there that you could put your stuff in & put them in your saddlebags to keep it dry.


There was one inevitable downside that I found when running saddlebags in general.  The dirt that gets trapped between the bags & your side number plates rubs on them like sand paper.  My bike has white side numbers plates & it really messed them up.  I just installed graphics & I’m hoping that it helps protect my plastics.  We’ll see what it does to my graphics though.


Final thoughts:  The Wolfman Enduro Daytripper Saddlebags are a perfect fit for the all day dualsport rider & hardcore enduro rider that needs to be able to carry a little gear with them.  They are low maintenance, easy to install & do not hinder your body movements at all.  Dirtbikes are going to get dirty & plastics are going to get scratched.  As long as your not submersing your bike in deep water, your stuff will be fine.  I used to never ride with luggage, but now I can’t ride without it.  Wolfman makes solid products, they have luggage for every kind of riding & it’s worth looking at next time your shopping for dirtbike luggage .