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It’s that time of the year again & all the major online retailers will be dueling for your business this holiday season. You’ll be getting emails that are advertising their special gift guides, you’ll see plenty of social media Black Friday discount posts & there will be no shortage of Christmas savings ads all over the net.  There are so many good companies to choose from, but who will you spend your hard earned money with & why?  What does a major online retailer have to do to get your business? Is it selection, price point, customer service, or shipping?  We get these questions from time to time, so what better time to talk about who I shop with & why on the eve of Black Friday…

img_6266 KLiM Gear

Selection – Bike Bandit has always been my go to online retailer & for good reason.  They offer a wide selection of OEM parts, accessories, tires, & aftermarket parts.  I’ve been ordering from Bike Bandit for years now & have never not found what I was looking for.  This is one of the things that’s important to me when giving my business to a company. Even though they have an endless amount of product listed, the website is quite easy to navigate when searching for a particular item.  That’s always a big plus for me, too.  If I can’t find what I’m looking for fairly easy, I’ll go where I can find it & order it.  Bike Bandit has no shortage of  discounted helmets, gear, casual wear & accessories!


Kenda k784 Big Block

Specials, rebates & deals – Discounts are huge for me when shopping with an online retailer & since this is the section I buy most of my gear from, Bike Bandit always has me covered in more way than one.   Just because it’s discounted, it doesn’t mean it’s the out of date or XXXXL sized gear.  Every day Bike Bandit offers what’s called the Daily Deal to their customers.  This is where they showcase one product for 24 hours at a discounted price.  Of course quantities are limited, so if you want the color & size of your choice, you have to act fast.  I’ve seen some pretty good deals on some cool products.  Its worth checking out every day!

Rebates are one of the few things that will make me spend my hard earned cash on big ticket items.  Bike Bandit offers all kinds of rebates. It helps make that tough decision of purchasing an over budget item a little easier.  Rebates on tires are probably one of my favorites.  Who doesn’t love cheap tires?!

Another feature that I like about Bike Bandit is their rewards program.  This is an additional perk when purchasing at Bike Bandit.  When you spend hundreds of dollars with a retailer, you want them to show they value your future business & that’s what Bike Bandit does. Every time you make a purchase, that item is worth a set amount of Bandit Bucks.  You can cash these in once you’ve accumulated enough bucks for more savings on most items.


Rewards, Daily Deal & Rebates

Don’t forget, spend at least $100 & your shipping is free.  That’s a 5 gallon can of gas & hours of free fun on the bike!

Well, there it is. A couple of key features that makes BikeBandit.com my go to online retailer.  If you like friendly, trusted customer service, fast shipping & discounted dirtbike products, Bike Bandit is your online retailer.