How to Install a Trail Tech Stator Regulator/Rectifier Kit

In this video I show you how to upgrade your 2007-2011 WR450F stator with a high output stator and regulator/rectifier kit from Trail Tech. Having 100 watts of usable power will allow you to operate high output LED replacement bulbs and auxiliary off-road lights.

-Trail Tech stators replace the OEM stator.
-Trail Tech stators increase power output significantly.
-All Trail Tech stators are custom made by Trail Tech, not purchased from bike manufacturers and rewound.
-Because Trail Tech manufactures stators from scratch, a superior level of craftsmanship, performance and value is achieved.

-Electrical System kits contain regulator/rectifiers and model-specific connectors.
-Replacement Stators are sold with no accessories.
-Regulator/rectifier and battery sold separately.
-Designed for use with Trail Tech regulator/rectifiers.
-Trail Tech stators increase power output significantly.
Trail Tech stators will not function in a DC system without a Trail Tech regulator/rectifier. AC power is not available for accessories when using the Trail Tech DC regulator/rectifier.
-AC systems may use a Trail Tech or OEM regulator along with a Trail Tech stator.
-DC systems will not function without a battery or capacitor in the system.
-Eliminate the dimming effect often experienced when an AC powered machine is idling or shifting between gears by converting to DC power.