Cyclops Extreme Racer LED Helmet Light Kit

Designed and manufactured by the Original Motorsports helmet light producer Cyclops Adventure Sports and proudly made in the USA.

Single LED emitter 5500k color design means a lighter component that offers more usable light, better stream of light at the lowest possible power draw all without the excessive glare. Simply a helmet light setup done better and never duplicated. Don’t be fooled by Lumen rating BS, as the reflector housing design it what puts the Lumen rating out in front you and directs the light where you need it and Cyclops Adventure Sports has perfected it.

This all new setup from Cyclops Adventure Sports will help get you into the winners circle or become a midnight rider with a double sided chin bar mounted LED light that produces a strong beam without light scatter and without excessive glare and particle feedback. Put the light where you need it as you turn your head while riding or works great for when you are off the bike, especially any night time bike repairs. Can be illuminated from the included batteries or the bikes 12V dc power supply, you decide what works best for you. All new helmet chin bar mounts allow the lights to be adjusted to the perfect angle in all directions. Because of no permanent mounts stuck to your helmet the Cyclops Adventure Sports helmet lights can be easily removed when not in use.


With low power draw means quicker recharges and longer run times of 5 hours for this very light weight package also noted to be the lightest helmet mounted light on the market. Designed with a low profile to be tucked away and to keep from snagging branches etc.

Only Cyclops has been in the Motorsports specific helmet mounted light industry for nearly 15 years. Made for riders by riders. Comes with a 2 year warranty on the light and a 1 year on the battery.