Race Tech Suspension Review | WR450F Suspension

Intro = Late 2014 I purchased a 2008 WR450F demo with the idea to turn it into the ultimate off-road bike with a thought of making it street legal to satisfy my new found love for dual sport riding. For me the first and most important place to start to improve this bikes performance was the suspension. There was no question who I was going to use and that’s Race Tech Suspension. I have had great success using Race Tech Gold Valves in my other bikes so naturally I knew gold valves was the right choice.

Why Race Tech Suspension = Proven products and technologies through years of research at the highest level of racing whether it’s off-road, motocross, or supercross. They listen to me when I explained to them how I wanted to use my WR450 and how I was going to ride it. Yes, I filled out their basic form where they ask you about rider weight, style, experience, etc but I went into greater detail about the type of terrain found here in Georgia, also mentioning that this bike was street legal and could be carrying 10-15 lbs of extra gear. I wanted my message to be very clear that the suspension needed to be super plush during 1st gear technical riding and remain plush and under control when covering rough terrain at high speeds. Race Tech delivered because the suspension exceeds my expectations and my WR450F is a joy to ride from 1st gear all the way through 5th gear over any type of trail or road.

Services Performed = Proper springs for my weight (forks/shock) and application use such as dual sport. With dual sport riding you may tend to carry extra gear etc. on the bike and if you want the bike to perform then you need to account for the added weight when setting up the bike.

  • Gold Valves = Race Tech Gold Valve replace the factory fluid piston valves that are restrictive and cause harsh suspension. Gold Valves are designed to improved fluid flow through the piston. This improved fluid flow allows the shim stack to accurately control the suspension performance and feel. Giving the rider more comfort and confidence to tackle any terrain. Race Tech also revised the shim stacks to meet my needs and performance expectations for a smooth controlled ride.

Terrain = Since Race Tech rebuilt the suspension I have ridden my WR450F for 4,500 plus miles over every type of terrain you can imagine, including extreme rocky conditions, roots, single track, off-chamber, open forest service roads, and whether it was raining or dry conditions Race Tech has allowed me to be able to ride with confidence and carry more speed across any type of terrain.

a. Very plush feel at low speeds over rocky terrain.
b. Absorbs impact from rider mistakes, trail conditions, with less rider fatigue.
c. The bike holds it line very well and traction is always there regardless of speed or terrain.
d. Higher confidence in the bike’s ability to tackle rough conditions at high speed. That’s important not only for safely but the fun factor for sure.
e. Overall I can ride longer and harder and come home not beat up from the trail conditions.

Improve your bikes performance with Race Tech and you’ll enjoy your ride time more or increase your lap times with more speed and confidence. Race Tech has great customer service, knowledgeable staff for answering questions, quick turn-around times so visit RaceTech.com today.