Giant Loop Moto | Mojavi Saddle Bag Review

Reviewed Product: Mojavi Saddle Bags
Company: Giant Loop Moto
Price: $199-$429 ($259 as tested)

Introduction: Wandering all over Georgia and neighboring states aboard my WR450F has lead me to the decision that I need to be able to carry more of the needed items for these extended journeys. When traveling further out from my home I wanted to be able to take care of any issues as they arise so I could finish my ride and most importantly get back to the home-base. Riding a 450cc enduro machine has its limits with carrying cargo and keeping the bike exciting to ride regardless of terrain, even unforgiving Georgia single track trails. With that being said I wanted to check out the Giant Loop Moto Mojavi Saddle Bags since they are purpose built and designed for enduro style bikes like my WR450F. Right out of the box they gave the impression to be very functional, light weight, and I loved the slim profile.

What Is It? The Mojavi Saddle Bags are just that, saddle bags for your dirt bike. Designed to enhanced rider comfort by taking the burden of a backpack off the rider and letting your dirt bike, dual sport, or enduro motorcycle transport the load for you. I have found that the Mojavi Saddle Bags allow me to carry the essentials needed for my overland journeys. Designed to be slim and carry cargo lower, so you don’t even feel the added weight of the save-a-ride necessities. You will find the saddle bags are adventure proof meaning that they can handle creek crossing, and even a light rain but they are not 100% water proof bags so take pre-caution for anything that you don’t want to get wet. I would like to go “on record” and say adventure proof also means they are tuff as hell because they will absorb countless miles of heavy use. Their purpose built and designed shape allows them to be very versatile to fitting a wide range of enduro style machines.

How Does It Work? Giant Loop Moto designed these saddle bags so they can be easily installed and removed by using a flexible rear mounting system that uses included fender hooks that reach and connect under the fender edge and the ballistic webbing straps can loop around just about any secure anchor point. Once installed, having the zippers facing up and forward allows easy entree to the side cargo pouches even while sitting on the bike. MOLLE style lash points can be found on the center top side for mounting additional gear or bags. I have attached the optional center pouch to the MOLLE lash points for some additional cargo space, these MOLLE anchor points worked great for strapping down my camera tri-pod also.

• TouraTech 2liter fuel canisters fit in each side cargo area.
• New for 2016 each MoJavi Saddle Bag comes with the Hot Springs Heat Shield.
• 12 liters of total storage (6 liters per side).
• Can easily be installed, removed or even swapped from one bike to another in just a few minutes.
• Slim profile and carry’s cargo weight low.
• Military grade material and construction for many years of use.
• Optional Ochoco or Klamath tail packs $60-$170 upgrade
• Limited life time warranty.
• Made in the USA.

Dimensions and Material:
• Total weight is 3lbs and that’s including the Hot Springs Heat Shield.
• 2 side cargo pockets are 4” deep x 16” long x 7” wide.
• Vinyl coated polyester which is a super tough truckers Bombshell tarp material.
• Water resistant zippers and woven ballistic webbing for the lower attachment points.
• Compression straps on each side with aluminum cam buckles.

What Do I Like? I love the fact that these saddle bags have rode close to 5,000 miles across a variety of terrain from forest service roads to tight enduro single track all while causing me zero uncertainties. Fitting snug with a slim profile allows these saddle bags to perform great in all off-road conditions. I have never had to be concerned whether the saddle bags would ever dis-mount themselves and I have not once even had to re-adjust the straps. They have even endured a few crashes without issue or coming lose from the bike. All this adds up to me having one less thing on my mind and lets me ride instead of worrying about or fiddling with equipment on the bike. But if I had one super favorite thing that I loved about the MoJavi Saddle Bags is that I’m able to carry the load of ride day necessities lower, with a slim profile, and I don’t’ even notice that they are there right behind my legs.

What Would I Improve? I would like to see Giant Loop Moto replace the plastic attachment buckles with metal units even though I have not had any issues with the plastic buckles. The plastic buckles give the impression to be pretty robust and strong but I think we all have had a bad experience when dealing with plastic. My last few points are being pretty picky but I would like to see the MoJavi Saddle Bags be 100% water proof and for Giant Loop Moto to include their Soft Luggage Mounts to ensure buyers have every available option for them to attach the bags to their dirt bike.

Final Thoughts: If you are in the market for an off-road luggage system that can carry your day tripper cargo and allow your dirt bike to stay nimble and retain its slim profile then the MoJavi Saddle Bags should be at the top of your shopping list. Digging around on the internet I have heard comments concerning price and yes some consider them pricey at $199 ($199 is a new lower price tag) but these high quality bags are made in the USA and compete against low-priced products globally. Remember the ole saying “you get what you pay for”. Because my WR450F is outfitted with the Mojavi Saddle Bags I have defiantly enhanced my dual sport adventures, having more fun, and properly prepared. Please note that without protective vinyl on the bikes side panels the plastic body parts will get scratched up, non-issue for me as I never ride without the saddle bags, besides it’s a dirt bike so scratches are expected. Wait I almost forgot one other small detail, how awesome would it be if these were color coded per bike brand? Complicates manufacturing I’m sure, but keep checking back on Giant Loop’s site as they offer limited color production runs in select colors.