Velomacchi Debuts World’s Fastest Carry Gear

Velomacchi announces their debut collection of high-speed carry gear, accessories and gloves. Inspired by tradition and driven by innovation, Kevin Murray designs with speed in mind, “We’ve created a line of gear that is designed around the ability to comfortably navigate the high speeds that modern motorcycles are capable of in a stylish and innovative way.” At the center of the Speedway Collection is Velomacchi’s featured Rolltop Backpack which includes several high speed features tailored to address the many challenges of carrying gear on a bike. Co-founder and former motorcycle racer and builder, Gregor Halenda, worked with Kevin to not only make the products feature-rich, but highly functional as well. “We designed a backpack tailored to the myriad problems faced by motorcyclists – with fabric that won’t flap or vibrate, that can withstand the force of rain being driven into the seams at highway speeds.” The backpack features a first-of-its-kind suspension system that can flex and adjust to the various riding postures assumed by a motorcyclist. “All riders know the hassle of needing something from their pack or wanting to make an adjustment but not wanting to take off their helmet and gloves. Our challenge was to make products that were easy to wear and adjust in full gear,” says Murray. The suspension straps feature patent-pending magnetic sternum closure and pivoting clavicle hinges to give the user a customized fit, whether wearing a t-shirt or full riding protection. Velomacchi is inspired by the privateer racers who pay their own way, turn their own wrenches and rely on instinct. Pronounced, ‘velo ‘makki, Velomacchi is a combination of two words – Velocita Macchina. Roughly translated from Italian, it means “velocity machine”.

Velomacchi’s brand launch for Spring 2016 is the Speedway Collection and Impact Accessories line. The Speedway collection includes a Rolltop Backpack, Tool Roll, and Speedway Gloves. In addition, the Impact accessories line is comprised of a laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, and the electronics storage case to allow the user to customize their carry needs within their bag. The Speedway Collection is available for sale at .
Velomacchi’s feature products in the Speedway collection are the Rolltop Backpack, Toolroll, and Speedway Gloves.