Trail Tech KTM Radiator Guard Set

Battle Ground WA, USA – Trail Tech Inc. is proud to announce the release of the all new KTM radiator guards for the 2016 SX/XC model bikes and the matching digital programmable fan kit. These two products, when used together, provide substantial protection from damage and overheating of the bike’s cooling system. Trail Tech’s new aluminum KTM radiator guards are lightweight and extremely strong (manufactured from a combination of forging and machining that instills maximum strength and durability into the material) and include two cross ribs and massive outer flange for combating the typical side impact crushing force when dropping the bike on its side. These guards are also unique because they have a radiator hose protection feature to prevent trail debris from damaging the lower water spigot. Extreme testing at the 2016 King of Motos race resulted in a 1st place finish (Sportsman class) for both the radiator guards and fan kit. Perfect fit, super easy install.

Trail Tech KTM Radiator Guard Set MSRP: $174.95

Trail Tech’s new KTM fan kit will virtually eliminate overheating of the bike’s cooling system. This fan kit is easy to install, fits perfectly and has several features that riders will appreciate:
· Top of the line SPAL 174 CFM fan – guaranteed quality to provide state of the art cooling capability.
· Integrated Trail Tech TTO digital gauge that serves as both a temperature display meter and a temperature controller, allowing the rider to determine the point at which the fan comes on.
· New “fin” sensor that makes installation a breeze – no cutting of fluid hoses required!

Trail Tech KTM Fan Kit MSRP: $169.95

Designed by top engineers to be much more than your standard solution to cooling system protection and monitoring, this product combo has what it takes to get you through the nastiest situation.

Trail Tech Digital Fan Kit and Radiator Guard Bundle: MSRP: $299.95