Seatconcepts | Super Grip Seat Cover & Comfort Foam





Seatconcepts is a US based company out of San Jacinto, CA.  They specialize in dual-sport & adventure seat kits for just about every dirtbike & ADV-bike out there.  They believe that they offer the best quality seat covers & seat foam on the market.  The seats are hand made to ensure the high quality that they pride themselves on.  All their products are made & developed here in the US by people who ride & race.  The owner Lendon Smith & his team recently won the 2015 Budlight SCORE International Baja 1000 dessert race aboard a Konflict Motorsports & Suspension tuned CRF450x with their trademarked Super Grip seat (Pro 40+).  When they say that they are true motorcycle enthusiast that race what they sell, they mean it & take it to a another level like a BOSS.


The Process:

I sent my old, clapped out 2009 yz450f seat off to Seatconcepts for a rebuild.  The seat cover was torn & the foam was worn out.  I boxed the seat up & put it in the mail.  They were replacing the cover, foam & doing the install.  It only cost $20 extra.  I didn’t have the staple gun, nor did I want to mess with it.  Once they go it, there was about a 5 day turn around time which was fine with me.  I got it back a few days later & what a difference.


First Impression:

Immediately after getting my seat back I noticed how much wider it looked in the rear of the seat.  I was a bit worried it might be to wide & hinder my riding.  I told them that I was a woods rider, so that was the reason my seat was built the way it was.  Seatconcepts dual-sport, adventure & off-road seat foams are made wider so that there is a more even weight distribution to reduce pressure points, but it doesn’t compromise mobility.  Once I looked at the side by side comparison pictures, I noticed that the front half of the seat wasn’t any wider than stock, so I wasn’t to worried about it bothering me.  Not only was the seat noticeably wider, but it was alot plusher.  The seat had a nice firm memory foam feel to it.  It was a happy medium that I felt was going to help me be able to ride all-day without getting monkey butt.


The Ride:

Later that week, I loaded up my bike & hauled it to Highland Park resort.  That’s one of my favorite local riding parks.  Paul Wright does a great job running the place & keeping it up.  It has the typical Georgia hard packed clay, rocks & roots.  It was hot, muggy & dusty.  That’s a normal summer day riding in the South. The trails range from wussy to 5-diamond in difficulty.  It’s the perfect place to test any new parts.


It had already been a month since I had ridden, so I knew my butt might be a bit tender after riding all-day.  I normally run a step seat because of all the steep, elevation changes out here.  It helps to keep me on the seat, but with the grip the Super Grip has, it won’t be missed.  Its nice too, I can move around the seat alot better now.  I did a few loops to shake some off the rust & get a feel for the seat.  It was noticeably softer, but not wider up by the gas tank.  I was sitting & standing, just feeling it out.  I hit some of the 3 & 4 diamond trails to get the feel of standing in the mid-tighter stuff.  The wideness in the back didn’t hinder me at all.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.  When I got aggressive on the bike, it felt great. I was able to move around like normal.  The seat had good grip, but wasn’t real sticky like my last “gripper” step seat.  I was happy with the feel & all the new mobility I had.



After hours of riding &  letting my mind go, the day was coming to an end.  My butt wasn’t sore & I felt like I could keep riding even though it had been a while.  I normally pack it up & go home once something starts to get sore or tired, but I felt pretty good.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much better my body felt after a long day in the woods.  The Super Grip seat cover & comfort foam did what it was supposed to.  It had the same mx type performance with the comfort of a dual-sport seat.  Seatconcepts can do it all.


Thanks to Seatconcepts for supporting  Special thanks to Amanda & David.