GoPro Video Tips

I’m no expert by any means but I have complied these notes listed below to help me understand all the different video modes that can be utilized during filming and I’m sharing it with you today in hopes it helps you become more familiar with your GoPro.

Video Modes:

-4K Wide Angle View. Steady or solid mount is best and only 12/15 Frames Per Second. Great for slow moving panorama views or time lapse. HD video quality.

-2.7K Offers nice fluid motion at 30 Frames Per Second. HD video quality. No slow motion. Great to use with solid or steady mount for best results. Great for tripod and filming a scene.

-1440 Great POV Setting. Taller frame that offers more view above and below. Helmet and chest cam etc. 30-48-60 frames per second. Love this mode for POV on a dirt bike.

-1080P 24-60 Frames Per Second. Best all-around mode to use. If you don’t know what mode to use just use 1080p 30-48 fps and get started filming.

-960 Can film up to 100 Frames Per Second. Great for capturing POV slow motion action video.

-720 Ultra slow motion at 120 Frames Per Second. Great for Instagram videos. POV videos. Slow motion action video.

-WVGA Can film 240 Frames Per Second. Great for really slow motion videos but has a smaller video frame.


-30 FPS is standard for most all videos. I have found 48 FPS works really great for dirt bike helmet cam videos.

-Use higher frame rates per second for slow motion videos. No the video doesn’t record in slow motion. If you record in 120fps you will actually play the footage back at 30fps, making the footage four times “slower” than it appeared in real life.

-FOV = Field Of View = Narrow, Medium, Wide. Helps zoom or focus in on the center of the video footage.

-Got the Gopro remote? Get busy learning how to use it as it makes operating the camera so much easier.

-Above notes are based off using a Hero3 Black Edition.