Moto Hose, Boyesen & Engine Ice to the Rescue


After my first ride offroad on the 350exc, I come to learn that this bike overheats really easy.  It didn’t matter if I was moving forward, if I was on constant 4 diamond type uphill, or slower single track, the bike would boil over within minutes of riding that kind of terrain.  I assumed with all the emissions stuff & the bike not having a fan on it that I would encounter these kinds of problems, I just never thought it would happen that easy.   I’ve never had a bike overheat like that & I’ve ridden in some pretty gnarly places in North Georgia. That day, I realized what mods I’d be doing to the bike the following week before anything else.


I wanted to start with the cooling system first & then move on to the fan. So first off, I called my friend Steven Jewell, owner of Moto Hose & asked him what he had for the KTM’s cooling system to make it better. 1st he said we had to remove the thermostat. The hose kit he has replaces all the stock hoses, plus removes the thermostat & blocks off the bottom of the radiator where it was attached. The next part we would replace was the stock T-hose with the one Moto Hose offers. He has the only one on the market right now that will fit the 2013+ KTMs. I have to give up to Steven, he rode all the way down to my house to test fit the T-hose & install the entire kit for me. He really went above & beyond for us.  Anyways,  it fit like a glove & looks good too. The last thing we added from Moto Hose was a 2.0 high pressure radiator cap, which a nice finishing touch to the kit.


Next up, I wanted to upgrade the heart of the cooling system; ala the water pump. My business partner/owner of Dirthammers has a great relationship with Boyesen & was able to get them to send us their SuperCooler for the build. I’ve never had one before & I must say, I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship. Its a aluminum cast mold with a nice powder coat finish. It also came with a large, aluminum, nautilus style impeller. Compared to the plastic oem one, it looks like it can move some serious water! It was real easy to install & I was able to reuse the stock gasket. The orange looks pretty rad with the blue hoses too!


To top off the cooling system upgrade, I choose to go with the trusty ole Engine Ice. I know everyone has their opinions about radiator fluid just like they do motor oil, but I’ve always used this stuff & have never had an overheating issue.  Yes, I’ve been drinking the koolaid & its BLUE.

IMG_0128Big thanks to Steven at Moto Hose, Boyesen & Engine Ice!!!

  • Awesome Brandon!!! Let’s Ride….

  • brute448

    just for spits and grins what oil do you run in er’?

    • Believe Brandon is using Motorex Oil.

    • BTurner

      He is correct, I use Motorex. At least for now I do. The dealership told me if I had any issues with the bike during the warranty period, that KTM would run test on the bike, checking things like the oil. They said if the oil was a different brand it could void the warranty, so for now I’ll be running Motorex!

  • Dakota

    So you run no thermostat at all, or it was it replaced with an aftermarket one?