Giant Loop QuickLoop Cables

Adventure proof packing and gear systems innovator Giant Loop brings its “go light, go fast, go far” design philosophy to motorcycle security with new compact, lightweight QuickLoop Cables. Available in 36” and 84” lengths, Giant Loop’s QuickLoop Cables roll up into a compact coil with an included hook-and-loop strap for easy storage. The 36” QuickLoop Cable weighs just 2.5 oz, and the 84” version weighs 5.4 oz.

The QuickLoop Cable’s bright orange vinyl cable sheath not only protects the bike’s finish from scratches, but it also provides a high level of conspicuity that says, “this gear is locked down,” encouraging the opportunistic grab-and-dash thief to move on to an easier target.

Made to Giant Loop’s specifications in Washington State, USA by a fellow motorcyclist, the 84″ QuickLoop Cable integrates with Giant Loop’s Great Basin Saddlebag and Siskiyou Panniers, which feature cable pass-throughs, so riders can secure their luggage to a parked motorcycle. The 36″ QuickLoop Cable is the perfect size for locking helmet or riding jacket to motorcycles. MSRP is $17 for the 36” and $20 for the 84” QuickLoop Cable.

The QuickLoop Cables bright orange vinyl sheath not only protects your bikes finish, it’s also obvious in stating “this gear is locked down”.