Product Release: KTM85 Oversized Fuel Tank

IMS Products, the leader in aftermarket fueling systems, is proud to announce the release of the increased capacity tank for the KTM85. Attend any off-road event or recreational riding area and the KTM footprint has clearly made it’s imprint on the mini-riders. Time to treat these kids like adults and provide them with fuel capacity to match their energy output!

The IMS Products KTM85 fuel tank offers 60% greater volume than the OEM 1.1 gallon tank, bringing the total fuel capacity to 1.8 gallons. Made with polyethylene crosslink for increased strength and durability, the sleek tank feels slim between the knees, perfect for longer motos, long distance off-road races, or simply longer play rides. You’re kids stay on the gas for hours, their bikes should as well!

The IMS KTM85 tank is available for 2013-2015 models in both Black and Natural colors with the Screw Top only feature. For 35 years, IMS has relied on its employee’s riding experience and Off-Road racers and teams for testing development. IMS Products can be purchased at motorcycle dealers nationwide or online at for $274.95.

  • Increased Fuel Capacity to Match Kids Energy Level
  • Total Capacity increased to 1.8 gallons
  • Part Number: 113333

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