Press Release: American Made Performance Riding Gear

Exciting News for the off-road enthusiast and our industry as a whole! Let me be the first to introduce you to a brand new player in the rider appeal market. Moto Tech Motorsports LLC has launched a new MX/Off-Road rider gear that is made in the USA. That’s right- the jersey and pants are made right here on American soil. Currently our market is flooded with many other rider gear products that are all made overseas, so this is very exciting to have a new gear company that is producing products right here in the USA.

I am proud to announce that Moto Tech Motorsports LLC will be introducing a new high quality racing gear line in the upcoming weeks with high quality images coming soon. My sources are telling me this new racing gear is cutting edge and is made by racers for racers. A light weight riding gear that won’t peel, fade, or crack, and is comfortable to wear and out performs your current offerings.

“In needed areas we not only use a double or triple stitch but we incorporate a “Z” pattern stitch which adds remarkable strength to the fabric being used”. – Chris Tuttle Owner Moto Tech Motorsports LLC

Spy Photo: More high quality photos will be released soon. MotoTech MotorSports gear is Available Now and is Made in the USA.

It has also been explained to me that the material that they are using is 100% capable of wicking (keeping) moisture away from the skin which makes it a fast drying and comfortable material. Not to mention light weight and breathable. I almost forgot to mention this new fabric repels water to eliminate saturation and extra weight when riders find themselves fighting the elements of rain, mud, and sand.

“CA Gear – a custom apparel company has been working hard for three years performing research and testing to be able to produce and bring to market a new line of rider gear that is made on American soil, and is of the upmost quality and comfort. I’m proud to be teamed up with Nate Bry, owner of CA Gear, to bring riders a unique American made product”. – Chris Tuttle Owner Moto Tech Motorsports LLC

My source has also informed me that the new gear line will be light weight due to not having any wasted rubber moldings on the pants which in return will allow the pants to breathe better. Also in key areas they are using triple stitching to increase strength and durability in high stress areas. I’m excited about the material that’s being used, because being an off-road rider; our gear gets snagged to death by tree branches, trees, etc. This new material is supposed to be very resistant to the fabric strands being pricked and leaving those fussy little strings everywhere.

Moto Tech Motorsports LLC mission is to prove that Americans are the leaders in ingenuity and craftsmanship. Many riders and racers spend hundreds of dollars for their current riding gear and many times have to replace it a few times a year. After speaking with the owner of Moto Tech Motorsports LLC, it became very obvious that his goal is to provide a product that will outlast your current riding gear and still look good every time it is worn, all the while proving better value over the long run.

CA Gear and Moto Tech Motorsports LLC have listened to their test riders needs and wants during the development/testing process and designed the gear to meet the needs for a wide range of riders. The test riders wanted flexibility in the knee and groin area. Nothing new here, but they took the advice of the riders and designed the gear line to have expansion material in the knee area; and this helps those who wear braces for added protection. Having the expansion material in the groin area gives the rider the mobility they need while out on the track or blistering in between the trees. Tough pliable leather has been added to the lower leg of the pants for added protection and wear. Moto Tech Motorsports LLC will be unveiling 8 different designs that are available now for sale in 2015. To be some of the first on this earth to wear an all American made racing gear, follow them on FaceBook and Instagram for the latest news and press releases.