IMS Products – Fuel Dump Can

IMS Products, the leader in aftermarket fueling systems, backs off-road racers with the four (4) and eleven (11) gallon Fuel Dump Cans. These oversized fuel carriers allow for quicker fuel refills and faster pit stops during a race.

This larger capacity fuel cans work in conjunction with the IMS Dry Break Probe for optimal fueling speed. The 4 gallon dump can allows the user to release 4 gallons of fuel in just 7 seconds! With redesigned ergonomics, both of the IMS Dump Cans feature more comfortable hand outlets, which makes the can easy to carry and hold during a quick refill.

For 35 years, IMS has relied on its employee’s riding experience and Off-Road riders and teams for testing development. The IMS Dump Can is the industry standard for off-road racing teams looking to save time in the pit area. Don’t hold up yourself or the team, and make the switch to the IMS Dump Can today.

For more information about IMS Products call them at 800.237.9906 and visit them online today at IMS Products