IMS Gear Shifter Review

With hundreds of shinny or fancy anodized aftermarket parts available for the bikes we ride it’s nice to come across a “working man’s” part that is built tough and only painted (gray) to help protect from rust and corrosion. The IMS gear shifter is the part that I’m referring to and I love the fact that this shifter has a trail tough attitude. It’s all steel construction allows you to bend the shifter back into place if you ever crash. That’s pretty important when you are miles from nowhere and need to get back to the truck or home. IMS of course integrated a folding shifter tip to help prevent breakage during a tip over or crash. Riding in wet or muddy conditions can limit traction between your boot and shifter tip but not with the IMS shifter because of its rudder coated shifter tip you will find some much needed traction and feel. Most aluminum shifters require you to periodicity re-tighten the clamping style knuckle bolt because of stretching and wear to the aluminum splines. If you haven’t noticed the shift shaft is steel and steel is harder than aluminum and will wear the softer metal quicker. This will not happen with the all steel construction of the IMS shifter. Looking for long term durability and like getting your money’s worth? Check out the $29.95 IMS steel shifter today.

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