Justin Seeds Thoughts on WORCS Taft, CA

“I felt good coming in to the weekend after having a great start to the year at the Adelanto GP.” Justin was looking to keep that momentum going and he got off to a pretty good start. “To my surprise I actually got a great jump off the [concrete] gate, which is very rare for me and I think I came around the first corner around fourth or fifth.” Justin quickly established himself in fourth and looked to pressure his teammate, Robby, but he suffered an issue with his glove which set him back. “I was right where I wanted to be, watching the leaders and I planned to attack later in the race, but unfortunately my glove came loose and wanted to fall off. It was messing with my grip and I started to pump up so I came in to the pits early for a new set of gloves and goggles.”

Justin came away with a solid fourth place finish, showing he had the speed to run with the leaders. | photo credit: Harlen Foley

Justin came out of the pits around eighth place and, as he pushed hard to make up for lost ground, nearly suffered a fantastic crash. “I was coming up to a smaller double really fast and knew I needed to scrub it hard [to not over jump], but when I did I hit my foot on the lip and it threw me into a sweet superman. Luckily I was able to land it and keep going and from there I put the hammer down, catching up to fourth place by the finish.” Justin put in a great ride to recover from his early race troubles, passing the likes of Eric Yorba, Travis Coy, and Ivan Ramirez, and putting in some of the fastest laps of the race towards the end as he worked his way up to fourth position as the checkered flag came out.

Justin was able to pull this off and put in some incredibly fast laps afterward.
photo credit: Harlen Foley

Though fourth place was a good start to the season, Justin was hoping for a bit more. “I was a little bummed [about the finish] because I know I had the speed to run up front. But after the problems I had I realized that walking away with fourth is a lot better than walking away injured. My bike was amazing all day, I could set it wherever I wanted no matter how rough the track was and the new motor work was perfect. I want to thank Precision Concept, John Burr Cycles, Mooses racing, Shoei helmets, X-brand goggles, Monster Energy, the Focus family, and Marzzochi.”

Top Ten Results:

1st. Robby Bell
2nd. Gary Sutherlin
3rd. Justin Jones
4th. Justin Seeds
5th. Eric Yorba
6th. Blayne Thompson
7th. Ivan Ramirez
8th. Travis Coy
9th. Jesse Lundin
10th. Justin Morgan