Intro to Project Offroad WR450F

Well folks there she sits, my next bike project. Heck I have not even completely finished the Instagram YZ450F bike build and I’m already starting on another bike. What’s wrong with me? My wife says I need professional help, well maybe I do. From the picture you can see that I have a very nice platform to get started with. I searched high and low for a WR450F but only the rag doll bikes presented themselves but after weeks of digging around online I found this gem. I just didn’t think I had it in me this round to do a complete frame up rebuild again so I wanted a fresh bike to work with and I got it. She is a 2008 WR450F that is completely original from the grips, tires, and air filter. What a awesome find right?

My goal with this bike project is to make this WR450F a woods master, off-road warrior, while being cautious about not adding to much unnecessary weight to the bike. These WR450’s are already heavy. Please feel free to offer suggestions below in the comment section.

(might dual sport this bike also)

  • Matt Walsh

    Weight reduction suggestions:
    Step 1. Remove engine
    Step 2. Replace with 300cc two stroke engine.
    Step 3. Braap.

    • funny. You were giving me crap about selling the 2-stroke so I could go 4-stroke. lol

  • Matt Walsh

    On a more serious note:
    How about trying:
    Tubliss inserts front and rear
    Shorai/Anti-gravity battery
    Rekluse Clutch
    Lightspeed Carbon Fiber guards – Front Rotor, Rear Brake Caliper, etc.
    Supersprox Steel/Aluminum Rear sprocket
    Primary Drive X-ring Chain
    Dunlop MX32 sneakers
    Unabiker Radiator guards
    Acerbis Endurance/X-Factor handguards
    TM Designworks Chain guide & slider
    Scotts Steering Damper

    Obviously there are a number of additional add-ons/improvements I would recommend but that would be a good start and would put a hefty dent in the pocket book.

    • awesome suggestions Matt. Thanks for commenting.

    • Tubliss inserts front and rear, Interesting!! Never gave them much thought.

  • Matt Walsh

    That really is a diamond in the rough bike though. looks like the guy bought it, put it in his garage and never rode it once. What does it have, like 1 hour on the engine total?

    • Not sure about ride time but it’s got to be under 10hrs of use. Really pleased with this purchase.

  • BTurner

    Man, I’m stoked about this build. I’d like to add an 09 WR to my stable to go w/ my YZF. You got lucky getting this one in such good condition. I sat on the new WR250 the other day at MMS & it felt really bulky up front. The headlight & everything else up top made it feel like your riding w/ a basket full of parts on the front of the bike. I’m sure its alot better once riding & getting used too, but it just felt like alot compared to the last generation.

    • You are just use to riding those YZ models. Time to man up Turner.

      • BTurner

        True dat. My 250x always felt good & compact. I love those WRs though, I’ll be getting one at some point! Have you had a chance to ride the new suspension on it yet? What kind of set up do you go with for dualsport? Super soft, off-road, etc?

        • Told Race Tech to make her plush for low speed trails, FS road, but she needs to be able to handle 4-5th gear grass track and rocks, roots, first-second gear single track also. We’ll see soon how she handles

          • BTurner

            Can’t wait to hear the report!