Cole Timboe 2nd Overall PeeWee at NHHA Round 1

NHHA Youth Round 1, Desert MC
Johnson Valley OHV

By: Cole Timboe, Pee Wee

We got to head up to the race on Friday. We got out there and did some test riding with Braydon. We went on a ride and I worked on the whoops too. Chris and my dad worked on my bike, I think on the forks and maybe the clutch. After we rode we hung out with Chris and Patty in their trailer for a little while and then we got to go to dinner at my friend’s house. We also stayed the night at a friend’s house and in the morning my dad and I headed back out to the desert. We got out there around 8am and my race wasn’t until 11am so I had lots of time to warm up and check out the start. My mom and brother came up with my papa, grammy and my great grandpa.


Pretty soon it was race time and I headed over to the start. I was excited to race the desert again because I’ve just been doing a lot of moto. There were 17 riders on the start. A couple of my friends from the TransWorld series came out for the first time to race the desert. It was fun to see them out there.

When the banner dropped I didn’t get that great of a start, I think I was fourth off the line. My bike took like 4 kicks before it started. I was riding my new KTM SXS 2015 that my dad just bought me. The bike felt good. After the start a kid almost went down and I passed him. Then up at the rocks another kid went down pretty hard, but he was okay. I passed him and then I was in 2nd. At like a mile before the finish line the guy in 1st got stuck up on the big hill, I think he took a wrong turn and that was the super mini course, and so I passed him and got in 1st. I had a really good lead coming into the pits on lap one. On the second lap I had a medium lead, he started to catch me a little. On the third lap I almost went down and the guy in 2nd place got me and I was back in 2nd. I started to feel a little more tired on that third lap. I haven’t ridden desert in a while. At the end of the race I came in 2nd Place.

For the next round I want to work on sand sections and also rocks and riding more in the desert. I have missed the desert and I am excited to be back and racing this series. Erek did a great job with the race and the course!

I’d like to thank Chris and Patty, Blais Racing, FMF, IMS, FasstCo, Von Zipper, Maxilube and TLD. Also thank you dad for the new bike and for taking me racing every weekend. Thanks to my mom and brother, grammy, papa and great grandpa for coming out to cheer for me.