Beta News: National Hare and Hound – Round 1

Out in the desert, round 1 of the 2015 National Hare and Hound Series kicked off this past weekend in the Lucerne Valley of California. Team Beta USA/Purvines Racing fielded riders at the event as second overall finisher in 2014, Nick Burson, looked to put his hand into the 2015 championship mix.

Nick Burson started strong securing second off the bomb run with Axel Pearson lingering in the 20-30s off the start. Burson stayed up front with the leaders before suffering a bent brake pedal and almost crashing in the rocks. Burson comments, “I held on for 4th which isn’t where I want to be but I know my speed was good in the beginning. If I can ride like that the whole race I will be fine.” Burson finished fourth overall and looks to improve at the following round in Barstow, California.

Burson settled for fourth in the Lucerne Valley, but is hungry for a win!

Purvines teammate, Axel Pearson, got off to a slow start off the bomb run and had to pass his way towards the front in heavy dust with rocks littered across the trail. Ultimately, Pearson passed his way up to 7th. “I feel like I’m getting faster, I just need to put together the starts and a couple things,” said Pearson. “My Purvines Racing/Beta USA motorcycle ran amazing and handled really well. I can’t thank Ron Purvines, Collin Woolsey and the team enough for all of the hard work and all of our sponsors for the best product.”

Pearson rebounded for 7th overall.

Round two of the AMA National Hare and Hound Series resumes on February 22nd in Barstow, California.