Beta News: AMA West Hare Scramble

Beta USA kicked off its first race on the West Coast this past weekend with Round 1 of the AMA West Hare Scramble Series. Purvines Racing Beta settled into the Page, Arizona terrain on Sunday for the first round with riders Nick Burson, Justin Morrow, and Axel Pearson. A stacked field of 28 Pros lined up in the sandy terrain.

On the new Beta 430 RR, Burson piloted himself to a podium position despite a tough start. Burson comments, “The race was tough but I’m happy with how my riding was; just have to tighten up that first lap and I’ll be right up there battling for the win!” Burson finished 3rd overall after a making a few mistakes on the first lap.

The new Beta 430 RR lands on the podium with Burson!

Purvines teammate, Axel Pearson, also debuted the 430 in Arizona. “I’m stoked on the new Purvines Racing/Beta USA 430 RR! It ran perfectly all day!,” said Pearson. “I have to thank Collin Woolsey for all of the hard work getting everything ready for this weekend and rest of the team for their hard work!” Axel ultimately finished 6th overall after roughly two and a half hours of racing.

Axel Pearson rode to a sixth place finish.

Round two of the AMA West Hare Scrambles resumes on February 15th in Paicines, California.