Can Waterboarding Change My Mind?

I have made the decision to switch from 2 strokes to 4 strokes. Some of you are thinking what took me so long and others would probably just line me up in front of the firing squad right? At age 40 this was a hard but easy decision for me, see I have been riding 2 strokes my whole life as a kid and into adult hood. So why was this a difficult switch for me? Like I said I have been riding 2 stroke bikes for a long time and I’m very stubborn and not open to change very often. I had grown very comfortable with 2 strokes after countless hours of seat time on 250 & 500cc bikes but as I age and ride less I find myself not able to put all the effort into riding 2 stroke bikes. By effort I mean all the input the rider has to provide, clutching, braking, and throttle control etc. Those of you that ride 2 strokes know what I’m talking about, it takes skill to ride a 2 stroke properly and with less riding time available for me I seem to be losing some of that skill. Actually I can ride the 4 stroke bikes faster than I can my 2 strokes and I guess I’m ready for that predictable power band of the 4 stroke. I almost forgot to mention electric start also. Now after writing a few sentence here I got to thinking weather I should switch to 4 strokes or just stay with 2 strokes. These types of decisions drive me insane. What do you think?

This bike here could very well be my last 2 stroke dirt bike.

  • Matt Walsh

    When will the memorial be held for this fallen brother?

    • LOL Sometime soon most likely. This could be one of those decisions that comes back to
      haunt me.

  • Gdmac37

    Every time I try to quit smokin, I always come back for my fix. The fourstroke just doesn’t do it for me. 2 strokes fo life!

    • Yeah I hear you. That could very well be the case for me but I must jump ship before I can ever swim back. Time will tell for sure.