Unabiker YZ250 Radiator Guards

Unabiker 03-15 YZ250 rad guards consist of a frontal radiator face guard and a rear radiator brace. The front guard has their swoopy Unabiker vents and diagonal reinforcing bends across the face. The rear brace has a reinforcing bend along the bottom run to make the brace even more crash-proof. When the front and rear pieces are bolted together, you get an awesome radiator guard that takes an obscene amount of abuse. They also include all the stainless steel hardware you’ll need to install the guards on your bike. These guards bolt right up to your bike with no modifications required. Picture are the Unabiker 03-15 YZ250 radiator guards and they are available in bare aluminum finish or in anodized blue or black for $99.95. Visit Unabiker.com today!