Today’s Thought: Where Would KTM Be IF?

I think we all are aware of KTM’s presents at the off-road races around the country and even at the local motocross tracks. If you have been hiding under a rock for the past 15 years, please take yourself out to a local hare scramble race and count the orange fenders at the starting row(s) and you’ll start to get the picture real quick.

Where would KTM be if the big four Japanese manufactures started building the off-road bikes customers were asking for over 15 years ago? Could KTM compete in the off-road market? What about their market share? Think about this for a minute and then provide your own thoughts. This is not intended to bash KTM as we all know they have proven themselves and their technology out of the race course but only “food for thought”.


  • What about Yamaha’s two new bikes? Is that the start of more things to come from Yamaha or others?

  • Gdmac37

    The Japanese are spread too thin over too many markets, they cannot spend the time or money that KTM can on the dirtbike market. They are too busy keeping up with ATVs, Side X Sides (UTVs), cruisers, watercraft, sportbikes, generators, lawn equipment and even automobiles and snowmobiles for some. KTM stayed true to their bread & butter. The way I look at it is like this, you will always have quality product if you stick with the companies that specialize in what the make. So buy helmets from a HELMET company! Goggles from a GOGGLE company! Boots from a BOOT company and Dirbikes from a DIRTBIKE company! Stick to this and you will be good to go!
    So I don’t think the Japanese EVER could have kept up with KTM, in KTM’s corner of the market… “If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense!”

    • Good Points. I am very interested to see how the next few years go as the Japanese bikes trickle into this market and how KTM reacts.