Where They at Tho?

Where they at tho? I’m referring to the green and yellow off-road bikes. Let’s face it KTM has the throttle pinned and they are not looking back. Big Red is still offering buyers a performance platform off-road bike with their CRF250/450X models. Yamaha had long been offering the WR250/450F bikes with little changes until the last few years. And now Yamaha has stepped up their game with two new off-road models for 2015. Not to mention what lays on the arisen for Husqvarna, but let’s stay focused here on the two companies that are MIA. So I ask you what happen to the green and yellow off-roaders? Will Kawasaki and Suzuki ever return to the off-road market with a performance driven model? How many KXF and RMZ fans out there waiting on an off-road option?


Kawasaki KLX450R